“Fuel up” Your Kids Before High Energy Activities

Just as your car needs enough gasoline to get you where you need to go, your kids’ bodies need enough “fuel” to get them where they need to go. Poor quality gasoline can cause cars to knock and experience other performance difficulties; poor quality “fuel” for kids can also cause performance difficulties. What kinds of “fuel” are high quality and get your kids where they need to go when they are embarking on high energy activities (i.e., sports practice, dance class, etc.)?


Water is essential. Your kids should consistently....

Nanny Share

Many nannies prefer to work full-time. For the nanny, the advantages to full-time work (rather than part-time work) include increased pay and benefits. For families that employ nannies, full-time employment increases length of employee retention. So, employing a full-time nanny is a win-win. But what if you can’t afford a full-time nanny? What if you need only a part-time nanny? Perhaps a nanny sharing ...

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Busy Moms Strive to Have Perfect Balance

Busy moms have a lot in common with circus performers. We have to juggle many balls in the air - and we worry that it’s all going to come crashing down at any moment! Additionally, we strive to perfect our balancing act, some days feeling more surefooted than others. Add some crying babies, toddlers melting down, and kids needing help with homework, rides to soccer practice, a Band Aid or a snack, and your life often feels like a three-ring circus!

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, how are we supposed to fit it all in?

What NOT to Say in Front of Your Kids

Your kids hear everything: from the cuss word you accidentally utter when you shut your finger in the drawer to the conversation you have with your best friend about her impending divorce. Things you say shape your kids’ perceptions of the world, how they fit into it, and what is ok or not ok. So, what boundaries do you want to have in place to shape your kids’ perceptions in the most kid-friendly way?

Grooming Tips for Kids

You’ve tried to get your kids to wash their hands thoroughly, brush their teeth well after each meal and at bedtime, and keep their hair brushed and reasonably tidy. However, it’s just not a priority for your kids. What can you do?


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