Turn off Your Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

Note to Parents and Nannies:

Your kids need to feel like they have your undivided attention when they are relating to you. They need to feel like you know them, you hear them, you value what they think and feel, and you are responsive to them. None of this can happen if your cell phone is ringing, text messages arrive, and other electronics demand your attention, interrupting ...

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Life Lessons to Teach Your Children

As a parent, you want to teach your children to be healthy, happy, productive adults. What life lessons do many parents emphasize?

Life is not always fair, but, overall, it is still good.
People are good. People may make choices that are not good, but people themselves are still good.
Do not judge people. Especially do not judge people based on age, gender, family status, social status, race, national origin, religion, health, etc.
Share. Give ...

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Affects of Military Life on Children

April is the Month of the Military Child. So, in honor of the occasion, we will focus on the affects military life on children.

Most military children have the following experiences in common: frequent relocations, disruptions of education, separations from friends, feeling like an outsider in new schools and communities...

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Raising Compassionate Kids

We all want to raise kids who care about others, who exhibit compassion and empathy for others and work to help those in need. Not only is compassion a desired trait for developing a quality character, our future as a society is dependent on our ability as people to pull together an act in the greater good (in other words, to exhibit compassion). Given the significance of this issue, how can we foster compassion in our kids?

At What Age Are Time-outs Effective?

Time-outs, the practice of putting children in mandatory quiet times to settle down and/or contemplate errors they have made, are a common parenting technique. Time-outs should be timed to be consistent with the age of the child in time-out. For example, a two-year old should have a two-minute time-out, a seven-year-old ...

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Soothing a Fussy Baby

Your baby is fussing. Your heart breaks to see this little one so unhappy. What can you do to soothe your fussy baby?

Determine if anything is wrong. Is baby too hot/too cold? Is his/her diaper wet or dirty? Is s/he hungry? Does s/he need to be burped? Is s/he ill? If something is wrong, correct the problem.
If baby is still fussy, then baby may need a nap. Or s/he may just need to be calmed down after feeling stressed. Try putting him/her down for a nap in a darkened, quiet room ...

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