What are the Typical Babysitting Rates?

In the world of babysitting, rates can be very difficult to pin down. Sure, you can average them out. But how do you, as a client, really put a price on watching your precious children? It’s hard to do, even with the best of intentions. With that in mind, what are the typical babysitting rates? The average babysitter makes about $8 to $12 and hour, although ....

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The Over-Protective Parent

Over-protective parents. What does that term really mean? Society is changing, and the “norm” for parents is changing too. Below, I will touch on these and other elements of the label of “over-protective parent”.

When I was young, forty years ago, many cars did not have seat belts at all. We would go for car rides, unbelted, sometimes even laying on the back deck of the car (right under the rear window). This was not perceived to be a major safety risk at the time: it was just a fun Sunday car ride.

At What Age Should Your Kids Be Allowed to Stay Home Alone?

Parents often ask at what age it’s ok to leave their kids home alone (without adult supervision). The National Safe Kids Campaign recommends that, generally, kids should be at least 12 years old before they are allowed to stay home alone . . . but there are variables that must be considered. There’s no one set age at which it is always ....

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Secrets of Being a Baby Sitter

Any good babysitter knows that a job well done means a great reward. While in many customs babysitting is done by a teenager as a sort of odd job, some babysitting gigs are a lot more involving. It’s true that most babysitters range in age from 11 to 19, ........
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Managing Your Child’s Artwork

Your child produces arts and crafts prodigiously. Your house is not huge. Storage is becoming an issue. How do you decide what creations to keep and what not to keep?

If the creation in question has generated a great deal of pride in your child (i.e., a craft project that won a prize in a county fair, which gave your child a tremendous ego boost), then that creation should be kept.

If the creation is the first of its kind for your child, that....

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Moms Fess Up: Would You Hire a Sexy Nanny?

The Today Show’s “Today Moms” broached the issue of whether moms generally feel comfortable hiring sexy nannies. It got us thinking. So, we put this question to our Facebook fans, and the response was no. Today’s moms are generally hesitant to hire sexy nannies. Why is this?

“Today Moms” hypothesizes that it’s about moms feeling threatened, jealous, and (to paraphrase) inferior (at least...

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What are Au Pairs?

Au pairs are essentially domestic assistants that typically come from a foreign country to live with and work for a host family. They generally do the childcare and housework of the family. There are a set amount of government restrictions pertaining to the au pair role, although these differ from state

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Children: Learning about the World and Their Place in It

From birth, children are learning about themselves and the world around them. Using their five senses, they form opinions about who they are, what the world is like, and how they fit in it. You shape ...

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A Message from Your Child

We need to talk. Sometimes, my flow of logic is a little fuzzy. Sometimes, I conceal things to avoid getting into trouble. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to see things from a perspective other than my own. However, I’ve given this a lot of thought, and here are some things I think you should know.

1. Love me unconditionally...

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