Going Organic With the Help of Your Nanny

You worry about how what your kids are eating may affect their health long-term. Irradiated foods; genetically altered foods; foods loaded with preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors; produce treated with pesticides and herbicides; meat from animals that have been given growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals; etc. The science of food processing is proceeding more rapidly than is the science of the risks and benefits associated with food processing.


All of a sudden my little guy I sit for has started hitting. He's 4. How do I handle this? The family does not believe in spanking, I have done time outs. Nothing seems to work.

De-Bunking the Nanny Myths

Let’s break down some popular myths about nannies. In January of 2010, we asked the families who use nannies through Nannies4hire.com to complete a survey about how the economic downturn was affecting their

families. We are using the data gathered to answer some of the myths about nannies.

Myth #1. Nannies are for the wealthy - false

7 Secrets to Shopping with Children

You, the nanny; are at the grocery store with your two charges, Johnny and Janie. Johnny sees a snack that he feels that he just has to have. You disagree. He wails for all the store to hear. Later, at the mall, Janie repeats the scenario over a brightly colored necklace.

What could be done to minimize the likelihood of circumstances such as these?

The Nanny Factor: A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family

Candi Wingate has just published her second book, The Nanny Factor: A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family. The book’s recommendations are based on Candi’s 20+ years of experience in the nanny business. Candi began her career as a nanny and now owns and manages Nannies4hire.com, Care4hire,com, Babysitters4hire.com and A Nanny Placement Agency. Additionally, Candi herself is a mother who employs a nanny to help out with her children. In sum, Candi knows nannies.

What Does Your Appearance Say about You & Why Does It Matter?

You are walking in the mall, and you see two women walking near you. One woman is dressed in tattered gray sweat pants, grayish-white tennis shoes, and a black halter top. The other woman is dressed in a freshly pressed gray business suit and black high heels. What assumptions do you make about these two women, they lifestyles they lead, and how they relate to others?

First impressions are important to many families. Many families will not hire a babysitter without a picture. Truly, a picture can say a thousand words. But people are so much more than what meets the eye.

Raising a Shy Child

Your child is shy. Making new friends does not happen quickly or easily for him. He experiences social discomfort in crowds and around unfamiliar people. It’s not that you want to push your child to be popular, but you do want to help your child become socially comfortable and to foster quality friendships. How can you help your child reach these goals?


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