Dreams for Our Kids

Parents have a host of dreams for their kids. What is listed below is a brief overview of some of the most important dreams that we, as parents, have for our kids.

1. To grow up healthy, strong, and capable, both physically and emotionally. To believe in their competency and capacity to handle whatever comes their way.
2. To develop and maintain ..

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Getting Kids Connected in Their New Community

You and your family have just moved to a new community. Your kids left all their friends behind, and now they are feeling sad and lonely. What can you do to help your kids find new friends in their new community?

1. Host a neighborhood ...

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Does your Child Need a Nap?

Naps are great. Heck, as an adult, wouldn’t you just love to take a nap some days? But kids need to be weaned off napping as they mature. It’s a tricky task, weaning little ones off daily naps. When is it time to do it? How do you do it? What happens if you try to do it just a little too soon?

When is it time to wean kids off daily naps? Most kids no longer......

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