Unrealistic Expectations?

I am posting on behalf of my girlfriend who is 21 years of age and has recently started working as a nanny. She does not live with the family. This is her first time as a nanny, but has had several babysitting jobs. The family she works for has two children who are 7 and 10 years old. She works anywhere from 20-30 hours a week at 10-12 dollars an hour. My concern for her is that she might do more that what a nanny should be asked to do. She does usual nanny tasks such as picking up children from school, making sure they do their homework, bringing them to extracurricular activities, etc.

How Music Can Help Your Kids

Music inspires you, makes you feel, revs you up or mellows you out. As responsive to music as you are, your kids are probably even more responsive. How can you harness the power of music to benefit your kids?

Music that has a slow tempo and deep tones is restful. To lull your http://blog.nannies4hire.com/bathtime/756/music/786 at nap time and to calm them when they are bouncing off the walls, simply play slow tempo, deep toned CD’s for your kids.

Unwanted Parenting Advice

We’ve all been there. You’re at the park with your kids when another parent comes up and says, “You know, you really should supervise your kids more closely.” Or how about when your mother-in-law says, “You are spoiling your kids. Kids don’t need all this stuff. Stop buying them so many toys and make them go outside to find creative ways to play on their own. Otherwise, you are going to have real trouble when your kids are teens.” When people give unwanted parenting advice, how should you respond?

How to Deal with an Autistic Child

You’ve just learned that your toddler has autism. You feel crushed, but you know you need to formulate a plan for how to move forward. How can you best deal with your autistic child?

Speak directly and often to your child. Autistic children learn language more slowly than do children who are not autistic. By exposing your child to language early and often....
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Nannies Who Are Grannies

Nannies span the generations from Generation Y (those born 1984 - 2002, also known as Millennials) to the Greatest Generation (those born 1927-1945, also known as Traditionalists or the Silent Generation). nannies who are grannies (i.e., nannies who have grandchildren of their own) can easily be found in homes across the nation. These nannies bring to their jobs decades of childrearing experience. This invaluable skill set can be a gift to your children, especially if you have a child with a behavior ..........

Babysitters: How to Talk to Your Kids about Stranger Danger

Your two kids, ages four and eight years, are friendly, outgoing, and trusting. Ordinarily, that’s a good thing. However, you want to temper that with a little caution regarding stranger danger . . . without teaching your kids to fear people or lose the traits that are generally admirable. How can you teach your kids about stranger danger while navigating the fine line between encouraging trust and friendliness and fostering fear and distrust?

Nanny’s Take on Playgrounds

Many of us fondly remember playing on neighborhood or schoolyard playgrounds when we were kids. Twister slides, monkey bars, and other large metal playground equipment provided thrills as we climbed to daring heights and showed our courage and skill as we maneuvered the equipment successfully (usually).

But because of concern for broken bones....

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Making Bath Time a Cinch

It’s always a struggle whether you are a parent or nanny. Your toddler doesn’t like bath time. “I don’ wanna take a bath!” “Noooooooo!” And then there are the tears, running away to hide behind the sofa, and acting out on occasion. What’s the big deal? It’s a bath, not corporal punishment. What’s the problem here and how do you fix it?

First, you need to assess what the problem


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