Doctors Appointments

Does anyone else feel they can't get to doctors appointments or other important appointments because you are always working? When I schedule appointments, I try to schedule them after 3 and that always isn't possible. When I do schedule and tell my boss what time, I feel like I become an inconvenience to her life. I feel I don't get to take care od myself or have a life outside taking care of her son. I'm pregnant and also have needs/life. I don't know what to do sometimes.

Monthly/quarterly progress reports

I currently nanny for a family (they are actually my brother and sister in laws) with three children, ages 4 1/2 and almost 3 yr old twins, with another child on the way. I am lucky enough to also have my three children with me as well, ages 3,6 & 8 (older two are in school full time). All children go to preschool or parents day put a few times a week, on different days, for the morning. My days are hectic to say the least! We do a lot of activities, crafts, dropping off/picking up, and so on.

duties while on family "working vacation" cruise

My work family has asked me to accompany them on a cruise. While this sounds great, it will beba working vacation for me. All trip expenses are bei g paid for, and I will be paid for a 40 hour week, however....rooming seems to be an issue. I was initially told that after kids were in bed( 8:30-9:00ish) the rest of the evening would be mine to enjoy as well as 1 day on the cruise I would be "off duty". Now it appears that at least 1 of the children will have to sleep in the room with me, which causes me to believe I will be on duty 24/7.

Seeking Advice

I have been working as a nanny/housekeeper for about 5 months now and I have had several issues with the people I worked more specifically with the mother of the boys. She is a very demanding person and wants me to clean,cook,organize her closets,rearrange the kid's room,organize her storage unit, run errands and take care of her children. I admit that my experience is only on the babysitting area so taking a position that also includes housekeeping was a mistake on my part.

advice please

I have been with this family for 6 years now two kids 8&6 i havrent done homework with kids for a long time now i have no idea what the have been working on since their parents or grandparents have been doing it with them but every time i do homework with them if it is wrong or if the teacher asked for other homework pieces that was alredy done with the parents and i couldnot find it or if kids don't wanna do homework with me and i get the blame for it and get spoken to by the parent in a inappropriate matter and hurtful way and this has happened more than once before .. please help

First time nanny, infant twins!!!

Hi! I recently started my first nannying job. I met the family through a camp I used to work at. The family is absolutely awesome and I can be 100% open and honest with them about everything! even my personal life. The twins are just over 3 months. The also have a 7 year old son that I have known prior to becoming their nanny. My hours are 7:30-4:30. I have to take care of babies all day as well as get the 7 year old on and off the bus and complete homework with him. I love my job but it is also very stressful. I'm looking for tips on managing stress and balancing the two babies needs!

Is it appropriate to leave?

Hi everyone. I am a fairly new nanny as in total I have only done it for about a year now. I have been with this current family since August of 2013. The girls are 3 years old and 1.5 years old and they are truly the sweetest things in the world. I do get along with the mom and dad pretty well too. I did not sign any contract when I took the job, however, the mom is a school teacher and the dad is a principle, so it was pretty much assumed that I would work through the entire school year. The pay is not great, but the family does pay me for holidays and sick days that I do not work.

Stop Payment on Paycheck

I worked for a family for 3 months. There were issues from time to time as in any new relationship, but we were able to work them out. However, things deteriorated and ended in an argument and I resigned even though they wanted me to stay. I left without being paid for 3 days that week. The mother called me and asked for my home address to mail me my check. I received the check and cashed it. Ten days later, my bank informed me that they had stopped payment on the check. Should I file a lawsuit in small claims court? The check was for $350 plus my bank charged me a fee of $12.00.


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