Snow and other bad weather

This is my first post. I was wondering what bad weather policies everyone has? Do you not go if schools are closed, or if local daycares close? What makes you cancel for the day? My car can handle most any weather, but its the other drivers on the road / road conditions that bother me. Also, do you think nannies should receive hazard pay if they go in ,in hazardous conditions?

ski vacation

I just got invited on a ski vacation with one of my part time nanny families. Kids are 9 and 12, I drive them around and primary work on homework I make 220/week for 14/hours. This is for school year- not school-breaks(I make more in the summer for more hours and driving).

Having a baby discussion and maternity for nanny

I have been with my current family for alittl over 2 years. I am really happy the family and have a close bond with the kids and hope to stay with them as long as possible.
My husband and I are talking about starting to try to get pregnant around Aug and I was wonder how to bring the topic up to my boss. Has anyone been in this situation?
Also, during maternity leave, is it normal to get some sort of pay? With my current family, the grandparents will likely watch the dvqkdZ children while I am away so they will hopefully not need to pay anyone else.

Behavioral Issues 3 yr old... Leave or stay?

I'm sure every nanny has dealt with this at some point. I've never seen a child misbehave so badly. I'm currently a live in nanny to an awesome family. I care for 3 little ladies... 9 yrs, 3 yrs, 8 months. I have my hands full! I have the worst problems out of the 3 yr old. She throws these raging tantrums over the simplest things. The parents discipline her when they come home from work...usually around 6:30 in the evening. I dont find this method effective because she's being punished for something she did nearly 10 hours ago. How does she even know what she's in trouble for?

To live in, or not?

Background: I started out being a part-time live out nanny during college, then over the summer I took a summer live-in job. I loved the location so much and didn't know what I wanted to major in so I took a year off of school and was a live-in for a year. I moved back last July to go back to school and was also a full time nanny for a wonderful family up until January.

How Is This Appropriate?

Hi guys. I nanny for 2 girls ages 14 and 10. I live in the Pittsburgh area and earlier this week we got slammed with snow. Their mom told me the day before the storm that she would be working from home depending on how the storm ends up either all day or part of it. Well the storm came and we got a substantial amount of snow. School was cancelled. She told me to come in at 9:00 if the roads weren't icy and bad. First off, how am I supposed to know if they're icy unless I drive on them?

Tax issue

Hey I've been a nanny for a family since last March. When I started my boss never mentioned weather she would claim me on her tax paperwork. She pays me by check every week, doesn't take taxes out or anything of the sort so I assume I'm being paid under the table. Now that it is tax season I got my w2 from a previous job I had and wanted to file it. I am hesitant to do so because if my boss decides to put me in her taxes I am screwed for already filing them and not adding this job . also the fact she pays me by check scares me.


Irresponsible parents!

I have been a Babysitter/Nanny for most of my life now and thought I had seen just about everything, well I was wrong. When it was time for me to leave at the end of the day from my babysitting job, which the dad was 30 minutes late, he walks in the house and than proceeds to ask the five year old boy to watch his one and three month old brother so he could go outside to shovel the driveway! Oh and they have a 4 month old pit bull that loves to bite the little one all the time as well. Though I had already been there since 7:30a.m. And it was 6:00p.m.

Overwhelmed, 5 year old is angry all the time.

I am a NEW nanny. The parents and myself are both new to this. I am at their home from 7:30 to 5:30 M-F. Watch the 2.5 year old girl all day, and get 5 year old brother ( and his friend) on and off the bus in the morning. Except for days off at school, I only see the 5 year old for maybe an hour and a half each day, but it is putting the nail in my coffin. I think he is jealous that I stay home with his sister all day. He also acts up much more when his friend is over. I thought we had turned a corner, but he is back to his awful little self.

Looking for other Rhode Island nannies!

Hi everyone! I am a 25 year old nanny in Rhode Island and am looking for some other local nannies for play dates! I am a full-time nanny for a 3 year old girl and identical twin boys that just turned 1! We go to the zoo, Providence Childrens Museum, local parks, library and local indoor playgrounds!

If there are any other local nannies who also watch kids around the same age as my charges, let me know!


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