Difficulties getting nanny job because I am not willing to travel

I am looking for Nanny work, but its difficult because all the families want me to travel for long periods and I am not going to leave my young son and travel for long periods at a time. Most times its not even worth it as most of these families dont compensate you for all the hours you put when you travel with them. I have tried over 10 agencies, no calls, all because i am not willing to stay overnight or travel. Anyone knows of families looking for a nanny? thx


I only have one question, how do you quit? I want to quit so bad but don't know quite how to do it! The kids are just awful. The five year old calls me a jerk daily. Every time I tell him that's not a nice word to say he just says I don't care back to me. I have tried and tried to talk to the parents about his bad behavior but nothing ever gets done. Now he has a little brother that is only on one and a half and all he does is hit him! Takes his toys away from him constantly and doesn't care if he hurts him or not.

Part time schedule complications

So I part time nanny for 2 families and babysit for one other family, so I work about 40 hours a week with all that. My main family (A) is my afternoon job, I love them so much, I always feel appreciated every day, and I know they love me back- the kids and the parents, grandparents too. My secondary family (B), is my am job for a SAHM (I don't mind that), I enjoy the kids, I knew my job description walking in (and there has been no job creeping).

totally surprised

I am asking in regards to any labor laws or regulations that I may have overlooked in my time spent googling, and simply because I am caught off guard. I am a nanny with 7 years of experience, and have never had a single negative review, I have always kept in close touch with the families I have worked for and they have had nothing but excellent things to say about me, and my childcare abilities. They have all raved about me to new employers when used as references, and i work incredibly hard to be 100% professional.

Tax Fraud. ...

I'm a live in nanny and I'm wondering if I should report my employer for tax fraud because they reported on their taxes as if I am self employedbut I am an eemployee in their home and they are my boss. My employment has ended and because I was given my notice due to the mother deciding to stay home I can't file for unemployment but I should be able to. I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on this. Thanks


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