New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

For many of us, the New Year ushers in an opportunity to do something different, something more, something better. It’s seen as a whole new opportunity to change the way you impact the world. How can you help your kids, embrace New Year’s resolutions in the most constructive manner?

1. Discuss with your kids the opportunities that we have each day to create our own destinies. New Year’s Eve is merely a poster child for an opportunity that exists for us every day.

Babysitter As Confidante or Advisor

When is it acceptable for your babysitter to act as your confidante and/or advisor in your personal affairs? How do you handle such matters responsibly and professionally?

Let’s say that you and your husband have been disagreeing lately. You know it is not appropriate to speak with your children about your anger at your husband, but you really need to talk to someone. Your babysitter is handy. She listens well. She offers wise counsel. She may even try to mediate the dispute by speaking ......

Dining with Kids

Restaurants provide a host of opportunities for parents to feel under the public’s magnifying lens, because it can be challenging to keep your kids in their seats, with their napkins on their laps, using their utensils appropriately, speaking in an inside voice, and behaving calmly and politely. What can parents do to help their kids have a positive dining experience?

Begin teaching dining etiquette when ............

When Your Kids Lie

As much as we don’t want to admit it, people (adults and kids) stretch the truth, tell “white lies”, or tell great big whopper lies. As parents, we need to know what causes our kids to lie and how we can best respond to our kids when they tell lies.

Boredom Busters

You hear it from your kids a lot. “I’m bored!” You flash back to your own childhood: you didn’t say that regularly like your kids do. What’s going on here? What do you do about it?

As our culture evolves, we are re-orienting to 24/7 activity. When you were a child, stores probably closed each evening, kick-the-can was a fun way to pass several hours with neighborhood kids, and ......

Helping Your Child Overcome His/Her Fear of Dogs and Cats

Your neighbor got a new dog or cat, and now your child won’t play outside anymore. Your child is afraid of the new four-legged neighbor next door. How can you help your child overcome his/her fear of the dog or cat?

1. Acknowledge the fear. Discuss it with your child: try to determine what is causing the fear. Does loud barking frighten your child? Does the dog excitedly jump on people? Has your child ......

What to do With Your Nanny When Your Family Goes on Vacation

You are planning a family vacation. What should you do with your nanny while you are on vacation?

First, it bears noting that there should never be surprises in the terms and conditions of employment for any employee. Whatever terms and conditions exist for your nanny (including how vacations are handled) should be agreed to before the nanny’s employment begins. Further, the details of this agreement should be spelled out in the nanny contract that is signed and dated on or before the nanny’s.....


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