Quitting Advice

I recently shared my issue with the family I work for tacking on more work. I have finally had it after trying to speak with them about my concerns to no avail. I have never quit or been fired from a nanny position, they have always had set end-dates due to a scheduled need for care, etc. I have no idea what is appropriate for a nanny to do. Resignation letter, email, sit down? They work so often and when they come home it becomes a mad house with the kids fighting for attention.
Any advice would be wonderful!

Boss just told me she's pregnant

I have been nannying for the same family full time for 1 1/2 years. They have two children and pay me $12 with overtime, however no sick days, holidays, or vacation. My boss just told me they are expecting a third child.

I am wondering how to approach the subject of asking for a raise, as she did not mention this when she told me the news.

New nanny looking for advice on travel

Hey everyone I recently started nannying for a family a couple nights a week to just help pay the bills. Recently they asked me if I would like to go away with them on vacation they would pay the airfare and the hotel. I was wondering what would be a reasonable amount to ask for pay. The trip would be 7 days. The kids are ages 9 months and 4years old

Thank you

Kids Having Separation Anxiety

I've been at my job since September. It's the greatest job I have ever had. The 19 month old and the four year old have started this thing where anytime there mom wants to leave the house, the latch onto her and scream and cry. I have to pry them off and drag them inside. Nothing has changed in our routine and I don't do anything that should warrant this level of anxiety. The kids and I do fun things together every day. About 5-10 minutes after their mom leaves, the relax and everything is great.

Is this a fair live-in trade? I'm new to this!!

Hello! I am fairly new to nannying (Only about 1.5 years doing it "professionally") I have had 100% great reviews from families and have been offered 2 live in positions. I have been seeking a live-in position to help me save on rental costs because our rental market has skyrocketed here in Santa Barbara.

The one position I'm leaning towards is as follows:

I would be caring for a 3 month old girl, Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm (9 hours/day)
On Wednesday's I would also be caring for the 4 year old.

In return I would get:

Just venting!!!

I have been a nanny for ten years and relocated from California to Seattle for my job and have had multiple issues to contend with. The father is bipolar and am unsure which personality I will encounter day to day. I had to talk to him about how extremely rude he is to me and that improved some. I'm always asking to be paid because nobody remembers. I do extra work daily beyond my normal duties and it is never recognized. Two months after relocating I was cut down to part time my hours were reduced by 15% and my pay by 60%.

Problems with parents tacking on more work

I have been a nanny with a family of four for almost a full year. In the beginning, they were pretty clear cut about what my responsibilities would be. I agreed to clean up after the children (pick up toys, do their dishes, and do one load of laundry per week). Since my pay is below the average for this area I thought this agreeable. The problems arise because the family trashes the house the minute I leave and expects me to pick up the mess. Monday mornings I know I have 2 hours of cleaning ahead of me.


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