Got laid off after only one week of working...

Okay so the lady I worked for (nanny/tutored a 9 yr old girl) was really wishy washy. She changed up the date I was supposed to start 3 times, she made me lower my price like 3 times, and then cut me from being full time to part time so then I was barely making half of what I was supposed to. Then last Friday she was supposed to pay me, and she did but I had to like pull it out of her even though we’d already agreed she was gonna pay me. Bleh. So I decided that we eventually would need to part ways and started looking for a new job, I was gonna give her two weeks notice.

Am I overreacting?

Hi all. I'm gonna try to make this short :p so I'm a Nanny to an 8 month old. Ive been with her since she was just shy of 3 months. The interview process was long and a very strict contract was in place. During the process I mentioned I work specifically for parents who work outside of the home bc I am uncomfortable working for stay at home parents. They are doctors and said they never work from home. Well this is not the case.

Best age to take care of?

I took on a job for 3 kids ages 5-9. It was a mistake, because it is my very first time nannying and even though the kids are overall ok, the work load is immense. The family has cleaners coming in regularly so the house is not that hard to maintain, but I am having a hard time keeping myself together physically and mentally. I get paid $16/hr.


I was just wondering how much notice parents give you if you have to babysit? Also do we all have the choice to say no? I'm live in, i have set hours, get a set salary each week and i don't get paid for babysitting as the kids go to school during the day so i don't work then. Recently the parents have been asking me to babysit either the day before and more recently on the day of babysitting, sometimes even on the night of. It doesn't say in my contract how much notice they should give or if i can say no. I feel that i can't arrange any plans with friends incase i'm asked last minute.

Replace child’s lost toys or not?

I accidentally posted this as a comment under a totally different post (sorry to that poster, I didn’t intend to take away from your post!) anyway...

So this isn’t a huge situation but here’s the deal :
The little 19 m/o girl I care for has a stuffed bunny that she absolutely adores. Bunny must go everywhere with her, including crib. It’s essentially her “lovey”. Her parents also bought a backup bunny for times when original bunny is being washed or if they accidentally lose it. They are the same exact bunny, brand, color and all.


Wrote about my situation a couple of days ago and everyone has given me great advice. If you want to see the post it's called, "Don't Want to be a live in nanny anymore." For those that don't know, I work as a live-in nanny for fraternal twins and it's a nightmare. I replaced their old nanny who was moving back to her homeland in Africa. Ever since she's left (1 week) things have really hit the fan and I've decided my time it up and must leave. I'm really scared because I just started and both parents work lots of hours. So they are basically really counting on me.

Hours worked

Hi! I was wondering if any of you have set specific hours (say 8AM-530PM) and if you get paid overtime if you work longer? Or if they "owe you" time if they are late or you owe them time if they are early and so forth? I am a current live-in nanny and the hours the parents get home from work vary BIG TIME. Some nights I am done at 5, some nights I'm not done till 6 which then means I feed the child dinner and so forth.

Is it common to just work whatever hours and get paid the same or do any of you get paid overtime and how does that work?




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