Hello Nannies: Am I being paranoid, too sensitive? Dad works mostly nights 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., then comes home while I'm (the day nanny) is there working. He smokes his pot in the garage in his robe, then crashes and goes to bed, after he gets off work at 9 a.m. Then at 3-4 p.m., he again gets up. eats, then comes in the living room where baby and I are, again in his robe only, and wants to hang out. This has happened twice this week. I feel he picks the night shift as he has a side business renovating, gutting, old buildings with his family, for rental property and additional income.

Under appreciated and Criticised

I am a live in nanny working part time abroad in Canada for the last 4 months. The 14 month year old is great! He has his good days and bad, but I love him to bits. Problem is, the father of the child is so negative all the time. He is constantly criticizing me for everything I do. He says he trusts me but I just can’t do anything right! I feel like I can’t live comfortablely in the home and be myself because he will be making jokes about my accent, where I come from, and he picks apart everything single thing I say and makes me feel stupid.

5 yo with ADHD

I am working with a 5 yo boy with ADHD, he is highly intelligent but very demanding all day he wants me to play with him doing what he wants and he doesnt like to listen to my suggestions, I am trying to have time when he plays alone esp outside but its comstantly Miss Sara, Miss Sara.
Also trying to do lessons with him is hard as he always does things his way and just wants to rush through and is not open to what I say
I also have his 1 year old sister and am usually physically exhausted st end of the day.

I'm Pregnant!

So, my husband and I just recently found out that we were going to be parents. Very exciting for us, however, I just started being a nanny for the family I currently work for. How should I handle this situation?

Hypochondriac Parents

So I have been with this family since January 1st, 2018. There are two children a 5yr old boy and a 2yr girl. They go to school Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since I started their daughter has only been to school 4 times. They are always claiming she has a fever according to their Braun thermos canned for ear canal. I stay home with her and monitor her temp. She rarely goes above 99.7. Mom has me give her Tylenol and then 4 hours later give her Motrin to reduce her “fever”. I researched the thermometer and 99.4 to 100.4 is considered normal. I normally register at 99.7 with it.

Sharing trouble

I am a nanny for a 3 year old boy and a one year old boy. The 3 year old is behind on a lot of developmental tho ha for his age, and has a lot of trouble sharing.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could do to make it easier? The tantrums are killing me!

Thank you!

Maternity Leave

So I’m still with the same family I’ve been with for about the last 3 years - 4 and 2 year old m-f. I still watch the 5 and 2 year old cousins with the disgusting house and parents I don’t like once or twice a week. My main MB is pregnant with #3 and due next month on her 2 year old’s 3rd birthday. For the last couple months, my main DB has been saying he’s getting a new job with way better and longer set hours for me - it was supposed to be in February, then this month,...

Feeling Disposable

Hi there! This is a story time and rant. So upon losing my job in June of last year, I was interviewed for another family, and got the job on the condition that I was closer to them. I said fine. My lease is up in July, so I signed my current lease. I was officially hired. Fast forward my first week of working with them, I was fired THAT Friday because they didn't think that their kid wasn't adjusting well to the new arrangement. But how could she?? I was only given a week, and she was still seeing her old nanny on Fridays.


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