Need advise about hourly pay

I started as a nanny a year ago for a family with a special needs child. They offered me $12 an hour. Well, she's aggressive and I get hurt often. But I deal with it as it's part of her illness. They say I'm great and have even referred other families to me. They don't need me as often now since only one parent works out of the house, but they do keep me on as their go-to sitter Every week. But They never have offered me a raise. It's been a year and I'm wondering if I should ask for one. Why aren't they offering one? They have more than enough to offer.

To Stay or To Go?

I'm a nanny share with 2 families (the mothers are sisters). The children are ages 3 years, 4 months and 3 months. I live in Iowa and only make $15.50 an hour despite that I hold a bachelors degree in Child Adult and Family Services, specializing in child development. The mother works from home often and pops up to help while the other comes to breastfeed most days around noon. My biggest issue is the isolation and lack of fulfillment. I am a very extroverted individual and am really struggling being alone all day. Additionally, the 4 month old is a very high needs, fussy baby.

Dozed off while baby was asleep, I think dad saw

I am the nanny for a 5 month old baby , 10 hrs a day M-F. Lastnight I had some personal stuff going on and I only got maybe 2 hours of sleep before having to be at work at 6. I'm young, i've pulled allnighters before no biggie. I made it work on time (5 mins early) . Chatted it up with mom who informed me dad would be home for a majority of the morning. Also no biggie. (Side Note: The family I work for is great, they make me feel like apart of the family, we have excellent communication etc.

Seeing old kids?

At the end of January, I put my two weeks in at a job I'd been working for 3.5 years. Long story short, the mom was crazy and continually treating me worse and worse. When I told her I was leaving, she told me I wasn't allowed to tell the kids until my last day. Two days after I gave my notice, she informed me (after hours) she wouldn't be paying me for my two weeks. I told her I would not be coming back. She told me she wanted to set up a time for me to say goodbye to the four kids, but when I tried, she would change her mind. So I never said goodbye.

What to do in down time while child naps

So do you read? Clean, watch tv? I am starting a new nanny job this week and my old job let me watch tv. I can't sit and do nothing. But I also don't want to be the maid and have to clean.. It's for a baby so there will be lots of down time since his is only a few months old and will sleep most of the time.. If they say no to tv, What is acceptable? Thanks!

Messy family

I get not everyone is gonna be super clean.. I was hired to do laundry (the whole families) dishes and clean up after children.
My question is when the family is sooo messy they rarely ever clean (there is a maid thank god) but then they don't pick up or wash a single dish and I come in Monday to weekend dishes.. is this normal? Should I ask them if they could try and keep up w their weekend dishes.. as I don't feel that should be my responsibility ... even weeknight dinner dishes are left for me in the am...


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