Watching a 4 month old baby. Am I getting paid enough?

So I am watching a baby who is 4 months old. The parents at the interview said he was easy to care for, very happy and sleeps a lot. They offered me $10 an hour. Well since I've been watching him, he's been very crabby, won't sleep more than 15 minutes at a time. He's constantly needing me to entertain him or he's fussy. And I'm so exhausted. I was less exhausted when I was a waitress. So is $10 too low for a baby? I just don't feel like I'm getting compensated accordingly to my time and energy. What do you think?

Nanny Cams? How do you feel?

Hello all!

So I am starting with a new family soon (in two weeks) BUT they have just informed me that they have nanny cams everywhere. All inside the house, in the car, in the backyard etc... I have never worked for a family that has had camera & honestly I don't know how I feel.

Also, they mentioned they'll text me through the day (during the first couple of months) to update me on how I am doing with their child... even though I've been a nanny for four years.

Nannying with depression

I've been with a family with two kids (7yr old and 4 yr old) for about a month now, and they're great. The only problem is that I've suffered from depression for the last year or so. I'm on meds, but it comes in waves and I've had a full week of feeling completely worn out and depressed. It takes so much energy to even smile at the kids. I love my job and I don't want to have to take time off and put the parents in a bad position, but I'm running on fumes now. Any advice?

Disrespectful of time

I just had to share my experience tonight... So I work as a nanny for two different families and I babysit occasionally for other families when I have time. So tonight was the first (and last) night working for a family with occasional babysitting needs. They had me scheduled until 8 pm and told me it was a work thing and that they would be home by 8. When I showed up at 5 she asked me if it was ok if they got dinner after and came home between 9- 9:15. I said ok but that I had also made plans with my boyfriend and was going to pick up a pizza.

How much to charge?

Hey all-I'm currently keeping two children-one girl who is 11, one boy who is 8. They come to my house during the day for various hours, (anywhere from 8 hours to 4 hours a day)but usually I am picking them up from camps and then taking them to their parent's office after I'm done. During the school year, I'm paid $15 an hour but I'm going to their house and then taking them to practice/games/parents office. What is an appropriate price to offer for the summer hours?

Inconsistent Nanny Families...

I've been a Nanny for over 7 years and never once have I encountered such inconsistencies with Nanny families, well up until a month ago. I was hired to take care of an Autistic 18 year old and the mom hired me immediately after the interview. When my start day approached, the mom nevet once contacted me. I should have known because during our interview, she made a point to tell me she drinks a lot and takes pills. In our interview, she rarely talked about her son with Autism, but instead selfishly talked only about herself.


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