Depressed - Nanny job ending

Hello fellow Nannies,

I have been a Nanny for the last 6 years. My first few jobs were temporary ones, but the one I have now will be going on 5 years when my position comes to an end when the girls start kindergarten in the fall. I have been taking care of these twin girls since they were 3 months old and we are VERY close. They feel like my own family. The parents have given me plenty of time to adjust to the situation but I'm feeling very depressed about it and cry easily when I think about not seeing them on a regular basis. I will be seeing them throughout the summer and plan to enjoy every moment, although it will be bittersweet.

The parents said they want me to stay in their lives and that I am like family to them. They said they would ask me to babysit from time to time and they want me to come and visit too. I can't help but feel that when my last day is here with them, that I will be out of their lives. I want to talk to the girls about the fact that I won't be seeing them as often, but don't know exactly what to say. I'll wait until a couple of weeks before my position ends to talk with them. Should I ask the parents what they want me to tell the girls?

I'm almost afraid to accept any permanent Nanny jobs in the future because I don't want to go though this again.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Gloria B