Hello Nannies: Am I being paranoid, too sensitive? Dad works mostly nights 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., then comes home while I'm (the day nanny) is there working. He smokes his pot in the garage in his robe, then crashes and goes to bed, after he gets off work at 9 a.m. Then at 3-4 p.m., he again gets up. eats, then comes in the living room where baby and I are, again in his robe only, and wants to hang out. This has happened twice this week. I feel he picks the night shift as he has a side business renovating, gutting, old buildings with his family, for rental property and additional income. Mom hired me to be there for him while he sleeps or does construction during the day. He only works 2 days, 2 twelve hour shifts per week. This leaves him In/Out of the house every week and always when I am there. Their house is Old and partially renovated and disgustingly Dirty. Baby is now crawling and her clothes are black on the knees and I will not let her go in the kitchen which is especially dirty. I have to put pots and pans and any dishes in the dishwasher to clear a work space and make clean bottles every day at 7 a.m., when I get there. These two parents are really something. He is especially bad. Clothes in piles on the floor daily, whatever they wore the day/night before, Sloppy, dirty. shoes everywhere, trash and recycling piled up overflowing in kitchen, bathroom Never cleaned. I volunteered to do laundry as baby was a newborn last May and slept a lot. I am high energy and was Bored. I, however, Refuse to Mop their filthy floors. I Do not clean their house, just my work area. These two parents have Master degrees and I know make money. She gets a Trust Fund big check in addition to her accountants salary. They could hire a FT maid but won't. This past week he has asked me to Leave Early twice. I am charging them for it. He is awake and I guess wants to run around in his underwear and smoke pot in the house and cannot when I'm there. My original hours were: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mom is late twice a week especially if Dad is working nights as a nurse, so I wait until she gets home at 5:30. Charging her for that too. If he asks me to leave early, then no charge for her late arrival and we break even.
Question: should I be suspicious of his sudden asking me to Leave Early as a warning as to what is to come this summer? Grandma will be here this summer in May from Florida and she is one bossy broad and just Drops By to visit once a week, while I am working. I'm leaving her with the baby the next time she Drops By, to go downstairs and do laundry. She seemed annoyed by my presence the last time she dropped by and took the baby for a walk in the stroller. I need my Job and the money. I have Big Rent and a kid in college. I do know a family, who is having a new baby March 28th, but they have two hyper boys; ages 3, 5, on top of the new baby and they will be looking for a nanny in May. What do you girls think about this dad hanging around in his Robe, and asking me to Leave Early? Finally, mom, asked him to do his pot smoking Outside in the garage which wreaks of Pot! Have any of you experienced this??
miss pat