Under appreciated and Criticised

I am a live in nanny working part time abroad in Canada for the last 4 months. The 14 month year old is great! He has his good days and bad, but I love him to bits. Problem is, the father of the child is so negative all the time. He is constantly criticizing me for everything I do. He says he trusts me but I just can’t do anything right! I feel like I can’t live comfortablely in the home and be myself because he will be making jokes about my accent, where I come from, and he picks apart everything single thing I say and makes me feel stupid.

Recently the family got a new puppy and now I have to train and look after two dogs who bark and cry when left alone and constantly wake the baby up and me during the night. It is just too much! I am not getting enough sleep and I am completely responsible for this child on minimum wage.

I pay for the room but I get free food. It seemed fair st the time but I just feel so undervalued.