Fired then re-hired..


So I’m new to the nanny support group but have been a full time nanny for several years.

Needing some suggestions on how I should approach a conversation. I’ve worked for my current family for over 8 months and it’s great. Nothing serious to complain about until last week when Mom came over to chat. Her and her husband had decided to but their boys in day care and that I should look for something else. She said after crunching their budget that they couldn’t afford an in home nanny. So I understood, we picked a last day and I’ve been searching all week long. I haven’t had any luck yet but yesterday she approached me and mentioned that they were reconsidering the daycare and trying to figure out how they could keep me. I set up an interview for a new family for tomorrow and today she approached me and asked me if I would like to still work for them? I said yes, I’d rather if it could work out, that I’d be willing to shave off a few hours to make it work ect. So they rehired me.

All that to say, now I have this job security doubt. What should I do here? I definitely want to work for them, but I also can’t just randomly lose my job.



Find out the minimum you can both comfortably get an agreement on, then make sure they pay you for it, so they don't shave hours down to an amount that is unacceptable. Also the contract should cover some period of time - at least the next few months and that they need to pay you for this period if they decide to let you go again. It could happen. They may be using you as a placeholder until a cheaper option (family, other) comes along.