Why am I here if the dad is off work?

If a father is off of work at 4 and has no other jobs to be done, why I am still nannying until 7 o clock when the mom gets home? He grabs a beer, or goes to a Home Depot or plays with the dogs while I am taking care of his children? I want to quit this position (not only because the hour to pay ratio is outrageous $300 for almost 60 hours of work a week), but also because I do not want to encourage this kind of behavior from a father. If you have children, in my opinion, each parent should be willing and able to watch the children without their spouses help.



are you nannying for $5.00/hr? Are you being blackmailed? Trapped? Threatened somehow? Did someone brainwash you for years you that your skills and labor are intrinsically of low value and you believed it? Are you looking for some sort of redemption through economic repression? Are you depressed and have no will to advocate for yourself? I’m not being flip asking you these things, I’m dead serious. Yeah, it’s outrageous and suitably attention getting on this site. Many people, even those with the task of being a moral guide for their offspring, are greedy, dishonest and will take as much from someone as they can get away with. My question is why are you subsidizing your own valuable labor to this family? Was it a set salary for less hours that became hour-creep? If so you need to put a stop to it now.

Maybe, the dad doesn't want to deal with the kids? Maybe mom doesn't trust him alone. Who cooks their dinner, You? Someone has to be with them after school? Did the parents agree to Guaranteed Hours for you? They guaranteed 60 hours per week? Too many hours weekly. No way would I work that for $300.00. You are making $5.00 per hour! The lowest nanny pay per hour is $10.00 per hour, here in the Midwest, and no one will take the job. I work 40 hours a week, four 10 hour days, and I make $500. I agreed to that because there were no baby nanny openings, but never again. Go on Care.com and put in your city and state and see what you Should be making. The dad obviously doesn't want to be with the kids or he is trying to stay out of your hair. I would talk to the mom and tell her you are there too long and the pay is way too low. Plus, you do not see why you need to be there when dad is sitting at home with you all? Good luck and look for a new job quick. Please keep us informed as to what happens.
miss pat

If youve seen my posts u know i work for an agency and plenty of times im booked with older kids who not only are more independent, some parents let them do whatever and say I will be watching tv for the 10-11 hours im there because their kid has no screen time limit and they will play by theirself. That is torture to me because when i sit alone the time goes by so slow! And of course im not going to force a kid to play with me.. I encourage them to get off the tablet! Especially if they are 8 and older the parents are like yea my kid can do what they want bla bla. Plenty of times I show up in the morning and one parent decides to take the day off. They are drinking beer or wine and they come check on us and their kid is on the tablet and they try to interact and the kid yells at them and says go away. Im like wtf?! Then they go back to drinking or whatever. Most times im like why am i here! I get it SOMETIMES if the kid is younger, but really? Your kid is old enough to be alone sometimes when your here and you want me here for what? I never had the courage to ask to leave early (i still get paid for the full hours) until today (im weary because I work for an agency and they might complain) . I played and talked to the older child for 2/10 hours I was there. The rest of the time the kid was on the tablet and i told her we should play a game frequently and she said no so many times. Mind you, the mom told me in the morning that i can watch tv the whole time and that i can leave before the time im supposed to be off because the dad took the day off last minute. So its my last hour there and i had enough. I wouldnt care if i still got paid for the last hour or not. I really dislike families with no rules because the older kids are already adjusted to them, and me being a new person coming in for a day or two. I only have so much authority over a kid unless its about safety. I pretty much have to go by the parents rules. Anyways theres my rant. If your a regular nanny for them I would address it and speak up. It might be awkward but in the end your not ignoring your own feelings to please a family. I’m a nanny to play and interact with the kids. I dont want to act as the parent and sit and just make sure the kid is safe, of course I will, but most families just want another person there while they are literally chilling right by me ughh!