Live-In Nannies help!!

Live-in nannies can I pick your brains a bit?? I'm currently in a position where I nanny for my nephew (have been for about 14 months) and also live with them (sister and brother-in-law). I work 40+ hours a week, clean, help with the two dogs, grocery shop, etc. I live in San Diego and make $1,100 per month. I am well aware I make WAY under minimum wage but I also live here for free.

What do you guys get paid per hour or week? Is it minimum wage or more?

I'm struggling with the fact that I'm wanting to ask to be paid more regardless of the fact that I live here for free. I won't even be asking for minimum wage. I want to have some input from other live-in nannies so I can back up my reasonings.



I am out of line here, because I am not a live-in nanny, but have one. Just thought I'd share that we pay her to watch my twins about $3,500/month, before taxes.