Hourly Wage? Occasional care?

Hi nannies!

I was wondering what is your 'hourly' pay? Do any nannies do occasional care? I was on care.com using their calculator for the pay per an hour and it said $16 and change per an hour for my zip code. I had it out with the mom who I babysit her 2 kids (one of them has Autism, MR and Down Syndrome yes all 3) and she still will not pay me for more $12/hr. I'm only there for 2 hours every Sunday. I hate working on Sunday. I now am working 7 days a week. Yes, its only 2 hours, but I have no time now to do my housework or run errands for myself. All the other families in the past that I worked for, if it was less than 4 hours, they would offer to pay a flat rate of $50 or $60. This lady is very wealthy, her housing is paid by the military and she is just not smart. Sometimes, she pays me in "coins"....yes coins! I'm not talking about $1 in quarters, I'm talking about pennies or nickels, sometimes dimes, and its a lot of money....she once paid me $5 dollars in pennies and nickels. I was like umm okay. Anyhow....just wondering what you guys get paid hourly or do you have a flat rate fee for care under 4 hours? I texted her the other day, saying everyone I know is making $15-20 an hour, even my brothers girlfriend who has no experience who is 23 is making $15-25 an hour. I explained how hard it is with the one child who has delays, he's very aggressive and grabs my arm in a hurtful way. Anyhow. I'm just really on edge with her.

Another question--if a mom/dad asks you to stay 5-20 mins later than the time you are suppose to be done with work, do they pay for that time? Because last week, she texted me while she was doing her yoga class, saying that her clients arrived late to class therefore, I would have to stay later. It ended up being 20 mins later, when she said it would only be 5 mins later. How would you handle this?

I dread going to work every Sunday for this lady. All my other moms pay $15-20 an hour. This lady won't budge, yet she can wear her fancy high end clothing and shoes (think Louis Vuitton, Under Armour, Gucci, Chanel and etc). I come home after work and fall asleep, I am that drained. The situation is really odd, she makes me and her 2 kids stay in her basement while she teaches a yoga class, we can't make any noise or do anything, she says we must be completely silent. Odd as hell!

I know I should quit...just waiting till I find another occasional care job or another tutoring student!



I nanny full time for 3 kids and get paid 15 an hour but do 55+ hours a week, I know I’m getting underpaid bc the area i work in, is a wealthy one. My boss just doesn’t really have money like that and she’s always trying to guilt me into staying late for getting out early another day just to not pay me more. You DEF need to quit, i mean $24 aren’t going to make you or break you (i hope) and she shouldn’t be telling you you HAVE to stay, that’s not your problem it’s hers and she needs to make arrangements to get home on time.

Yes I do get paid when they are late in 15 min increments. So 1/4 hourly rate for 15 minutes late, 1/2 hourly rate for 30 minutes late and so on.