How to move on from being a nanny?

Hey everyone. I recently graduated university (finally!) I worked as a nanny all through my education because it paod a LOT better than anything else I could get. I enjoyed my time, but now I'm done. My question is, how do you find work in the professional world after five straight years of nannying experience? People don't seem to think that it counts as real work experience, and I wasn't able to do any internships while in school (couldn't afford to work for free). I've even had the words "glorified babysitter" thrown out at me during an interview. My degree is in Psychology, which isn't a great degree without a Master's (which I'm in the process of getting). I'm feeling really discouraged. I felt very confident in my abilities as a person when I started my search, but I've had so many people scoff at me at this point that I'm really wondering how I'm going to get a job. I don't want to be a nanny forever, that was never my goal. Has anyone else faced this problem before?