No School Days!


I’m nannying for a beautiful family near my location. They have a 10 month old, (who I’m 99% with the whole day) three year old, six year old, and nine year old. Very sweet loving kids! But i need some activities or places to go when they have off from school. I don’t want to be the boring nanny who doesn’t take them fun places (I’m sure the parents wouldn’t mind paying for the activity). We are located in New Jersey, near the cherry hill area. Any ideas would be appreciated! Here are some things i came up with:
Please touch museum
Sky zone
Bounce house
Painting with a twist (three year old can’t participate)
Dave and busters
Discovery museum

Again, i don’t want to be the boring nanny who just sits home with them, letting them play video games! They are off this Friday and Monday coming up, so any help
At all will be great!


Hi! I nanny right down the road in Mt. Laurel. So happy to hear from someone in my area. Everyone on here seems to be on the west coast or in New York. I worked for 6 1/2 yrs for a family of 3, infant twins and 2 yr old until they started school. Now I’m with a 19 month old and 3 DAY old little brother! All if your ideas are very good. I could come to with so many depending on your comfort level and how much freedom you have with the kids. Pump it Up, SkyZone, Altitude (trampoline park in Hainesport), Bounce U, and High Elevations (trampoline park in Glassboro) are all great to get rid of some energy. There is also My Little Adventures in Mt. Laurel that would be great for the younger 3. The 9 yr old is too big. Also look up ISC of Cherry Hill and Mt. Laurel. They have roller skating, indoor sports, and climbing areas. I also like All Fired Up in Collingswood or Color Me Mine. They are paint your own pottery places for all ages. If you want to venture into Philadelphia, the Franklin Institute and Academy of Natural Sciences are always good choices. Look up something called the Philly CityPass. If you wanted to see numerous sites it gives you options. I don’t know what hours you work but maybe you could do something with the kids Friday and Monday and parents could use it Sat/Sun. They are valid for 9 days. I also frequent all of the Burlington County libraries. They always have activities planned. And then once we break from this freezing cold spell there are tons of parks and playgrounds. And the Cape May Zoo and Turtleback Zoo are awesome. And the beach! Sorry I could go on and on. My long term family was amazing and basically gave me free reign to do anything and everything! We are in a great location. Hope this helps and enjoy!

I'd be very care with taking 4 kids all by yourself into a museum. Most parents don't like their nannies driving their kids other places or taking them to other places other than school or after school programs. All the parents I've worked for, would have not allowed anyone to their kids to places without them. I am familiar with NJ and there is a lot to do. If its a snow day, be safe and stay home! You can't stop other reckless drivers! The last thing you want to do is to have all the kids with you and get into a car accident because the kids were off from school because of snow/bad weather.

Maybe come-up with crafts, taking a walk to a local/neighborhood park, have a fun movie day at home and pop don't have to let them play video games all day. I would for sure speak to bother parents to find out if they are comfortable with you driving their kids around and taking them to busy public places or driving them in snow. And just an FYI, Dave & Busters is kind of a low end place, lots of adults drinking and such...not a place I would want to take a kid that isn't mine...but maybe that's just all the ones in VA?!

Please be careful...I've seen really nice parents snap as soon they know their kids are going out in public with a nanny. But hey, if your nanny family is cool with it, please make sure all the kids are insured if its your car......I would go to the zoo if it were me...the bounce houses can be a bit always get hurt!

Not trying to be rude in any way, my current nanny family the crazy ones, won't even let me take their daughter to Michael's craft store which is less than 2 miles away LOL. I wouldn't want to risk driving 4 kids around if I did not have to. Sounds like a lot of work plus a 10 month old baby, who probably will be cranky most of the time LOL.