Benefits, perks, etc.

What type of benefits or perks do you receive at your nanny job? Did certain perks help you decide which nanny job would be right for you? Some of the Benefits I receive are:

1. I get paid for 52 weeks a year even if my NF goes on vacation, takes time off, etc.
2. PTO- 2 weeks vacation and sick days through out the year
3. Nanny van- while on the clock I drive my NF extra vehicle (this is such an amazing perk I love not having to worry about gas reimbursement, wear and tear, and adding miles to my vehicle)
4. Open kitchen- I still bring lunch (personal preference) but drinks and snacks I am welcome to.
5. Gifts on my birthday and Christmas (not expected just very nice)

I live in the midwest and I feel these are generous perks.


Seems like you have the best job yet/best family! I don't have sick days as I came down with awful bronchitis I got from the kid, the parents refused to let me take any time off, so now 3-4 weeks, I still have a bad cough LOL. I have to use my own car to drive the kid everywhere. They have "extra cars" but refuse to let me use them. I had to buy a new van because they didn't like my van I had. LOL. Hmm...I got a re-gifted gift and an eye roll and sigh when I bought the kid a Christmas present, so I don't assume I'll be getting a birthday gift. They wouldn't even let me take time off when my mother was in the hospital in all the 20 days she spent in the hospital, they kept at work till 830pm at night so I could not get to the hospital on time for visiting hours, even though I asked to get out early to go visit my mom...yet the parents were either both home or one was home, they were just too lazy sitting on the couch. So no, I don't have any benefits. The kid wrecks my car with spilling things, having nasty muddy shoes and such and they have not offered to even clean up the kids mess in my brand new car they wanted me to get....I don't get money back for gas or mileage or even insuring the kid.

Hmm you're lucky....I've been with the family for 6 months, not even a hi or good morning most days and no raise or time off. They wanted me to work Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. I said no and that pissed them off. LOL.

Glad you are taken care of...most nannies aren't!

Perks are extras. I don't consider guaranteed hours to be a perk. That's required/non negotiable. So are things like sick leave, pay on the books and holiday pay.

I think perks are things like: health care stipends, a nanny car for the duration of the care, pay towards an education in a dealer field. My nanny bff got her NF to pay towards her master's in childhood development

I'm trying to not be negative. I've been a sick cranky, pregnant nanny/mom. So ignore my reply if it comes across negative

Forgot to actually answer the question:

So I get unusual perks because I've been with these guys a long time:

* Unlimited sick leave. They literally don't care how much sick leave I take. I generally arrange backup but they never make me feel bad. And they pay me and the backup

* I bring my son with me. I've been bringing him since birth. They don't expect a discount. Still pay me the same

* I require guaranteed hours and they pay that, but they also round up. So if they come home 10 minutes late they pay to the additional hour.

And of course open kitchen ( standard) but they notice what I bring for me and my son to eat and they buy it. And encourage me to add to the grocery list.

The biggest thing tho is they know how obsessed my husband and I are about Harry Potter. They got us tickets to Cursed child and bought us plane tickets/hotel and are going to keep my son over the weekend so we can go child free. It's the most generous gift ever! It's a combination Christmas gift/congrats on the baby/ thank you for caring for three kids while so sick and pregnant