New Nanny

Hey everyone. Well tomorrow is my first day transitioning to full time nanny. I know the family and children already but still nervous. I’m needing help with coming up with activities for the 1 year old which will be 2 in March. The newborn I can handle.


I nanny for 3. My youngest turned 2 in August. I've been with them since my youngest was 10 weeks old. Some of the activities I love to do with my youngest:
1. Busy books- books with zippers, textured pages, buttons
2. DIY playdough- My NK could play with this for hours and he loves helping me make it. Look up a recipe online it's really easy to make.
3. Supervised painting with non-toxic paint
3. Fill the kitchen sink with bubbles and water and have him play with bath toys/cups/small cars in the water. My NK loves to help me wash dishes too.
4. Hand tracing, foot tracing, and body tracing- we use chalk. I bought my NK a giant chalk board tablecloth that we lay on the floor for body tracing. I gave this to him as a present for his birthday one year. I got it at Walmart.
5. Balloon party- my NK loves this. Buy a small package of party balloons (dollar store) blow them up with regular air, lay them on the floor and have him/her kick them around, throw them in the air etc. This is perfect because items around the house won't break. If the balloons pop just make sure to pick up the pieces right away.
6. Puzzles- you can draw a picture and cut it out into puzzle pieces and have your NK help you put it together.
7. The park is always a great idea for warm weather

I hope this helped. There are more activities that I'm missing but these are the ones that came to mind.