Nanny family divorcing

Hi, I’ve been with my current family nearly three years. The parents have decided to divorce, though I’m not sure how soon. Realtors are coming tomorrow so I guess it’s imminent. The kids are 5 and 3 yr old twins. I’m hoping for advice on the best way to support the parents and kids through this time and if anyone has any advice for things I should particularly be sure to do or not do. I’m hoping to hear from nannies who have been through this as well as parents. My own parents divorced when I was around 3 so I Feel like I can relate to what the kids might be going through once the households are separated.

Any advice for me is appreciated. I want to be better than my best self so I can help support them in whatever way is needed and appropriate.


I am sorry for you. I have not ever run into this situation. Are the kids going to be with only one parent? If so, maybe you could just keep working. I guess if the kids want to talk about it and its okay with the parents if you talk about it with them, then I guess that is okay...not sure have not run into this....and the kids are very young, not sure they will really understand most of what is going on. Maybe you can tell the parents how you can relate. I guess the best situation is to support the kids, I'm sure their moods might change or act out if its really bothering them. Just take it slow. :)

If you need more advice, let me know. :)

So this website is tricky. I posted a comment a half-ago or so ago sand its not showing now. LOL. I'm sorry. I think the best thing you can do is talk to both parents first, see if they even want the kids talking to you or you talking to them about the divorce. The kids are so young, they may not understand anything....though they may act out differently. It might be a tough time once the kids realize the parents (may) not be living together anymore.

If you need more advice, please let us know!