I need advice!

I am currently nannying 4 teenagers. I find this incredibly hard as the kids are older and are not into fun simple activities. The kids also cuss and physically harm each other. I try my best to be an friendly authority figure but regardless the kids still steal things and hide things from their parents. I have good moments in my job but I feel bad about it most of the time. I disagree with their parents harsh (polite way of saying it without the details) way of parenting. I also know one of the parents is not a stand up person. I can already see the family dynamic is toxic but they supply a really good job. I only work 30 hours a week and make far above minimum wage which allows me to live on my own and pay for schooling. I am at a loss for what to do.

Have you stayed in a job you know you hate because of the perks? I also want to be a light for this family but it’s coming at a cost of my own sanity and well-being.


Sometimes peace of mind is more important than putting yourself in toxic situations. Regardless of the money. I would seriously consider leaving.

As to the teenagers, what they require is order in the house and driving them to activities. Try to befriend them. Get into their interests. Be an ally and a friend. Try to reserve judgement till you get to really know them. They may surprise you.

I understand where you're coming from a previous job I had. I currently nanny for a family with 3 teens. The above poster is right; your main focus with them is keeping order in the house and driving them to their activities. Try and befriend them and don't judge. Listen to their side of the story. They have tough days too. I always make sure they text and let me know exactly where they are and who they're with and they have no problem with it. If it's a toxic situation though,regardless of the money, I'd start looking for a new position asap. You deserve to be hapy in your job too!