Parents texting me at all hours!

So I'm really getting mad here. :( Its very hard to make me mad. So I was woken up to a text this morning at 5:36am! My one and only "day off" for this family!!!! I am so pissed right now. I only keep my phone on for emergencies plus my brother is a firefighter, so I keep my phone on for that in case something happens. I'm not up at 5:36am and I had gone to bed late because the fireworks outside were so loud in the neighborhood. Anyhow....what gives this parent the right to text me at 5:36am?! It could have waited to a decent hour! I mean really?! It seemed like another one of her drunken texts LOL. So sick of this family!

Just needed to vent!

Thanks & Happy New Year!


I understand your point and I highly dislike when that happens. A family I worked for texted me at 5 am saying they wanted me to head to their house a.s.a.p. since kid #2 wouldnt let them sleep. Are you kidding me?! Lol. I just read the message and didnt reply. It wasn't my obligation. Another family texted me the day after i told them i wasn't showing up due to weather conditions, (hurricane) she thought I changed my mind. Oh no! I wasn't going to risk my life driving through rain and flooded areas

You can set your phone to do not disturb and make an exception to your brother's number. So only he'd get through. NFs who text at 5 a.m. wouldn't be considerate enough to stop no matter how many times you ask. So it's not worth the anxiety to ask them to stop. Put them on do not disturb and ignore. If they ask later why you didn't respond, tell them, you set your phone on do not disturb during off work hours. Don't offer an explanation. If they push, don't justify it. Just say I put my phone on DND.

Seriously, you need to leave this family. This is not going to get better for you, it will only get worse. they clearly lack boundaries and don’t respect you which is a recipe for disaster. I’m wondering how you have lasted this long! In regards to them texting you on your days off at ungodly hours in the morning (for a person who doesn’t have kids, as I’m guessing you don’t have kids and wouldn’t be up that early), start setting some clear boundaries. Either A.) don’t answer any of their text messages on days Off. That will eventually get the message across. or B.) straight out ask them nicely not to text you on your days off as you are not on the clock and clearly state that you will not answer unless it’s an emergency.

Doing this will let you know what kind of people they really are. Either they will respect the boundaries you set or they will let you go because they don’t like that you’ve stood up to them.