So I did write the post for "No Christmas Bonus? Re-gifted present....Hmm!". I wanted to write because I'm very frustrated.

So the mom does not go into work all this week until 8:30pm. On Tuesday of this week, the schools are still closed and reopen on Wednesday. The mother wants me to come over all day to watch her 1 child (she only has 1). I am thinking to myself, "She will be home all day and her husband returns home between 4-6:30pm, why on earth would they need to me watch their kid?!". I find this hard to believe, that these people have a kid and will be home 'all day' but they need a sitter? So I take it, this is just another one of their excuses for being lazy. The child is 9 years old, pretty self-sufficient, why would I need to come over and watch the kid?!

Another thing that bothers me, they have me work on days that they are off with no work at all. So many times, I have had to drop off the kid to school (30 mins away) and then pick her up from school and when I would arrive to their house, the freaking parents are home lounging on the couch in pjs! I'm like hmm okkkkay! Seems they do not want anything to do with their child. I don't know, I just find this strange. They don't even work from home. LOL. I would love to lounge around at my house too all day long, but I don't because I'm too busy caring for their child LOL. Sadly, I have seen this with so many parents/families I have worked for.

Your thoughts? :)

Happy New Year!


I also wrote a post about how I was upset with my DB. He Asked me to come in on a day I originally asked to be off. He explained to me that he absolutely needed me on that day because he had deadlines at work. He ended up being home for most of the day (he works outside of the home) and did nothing work related while he was home. That was a stressful day for me. Anyway, I can relate but that doesn't happen all the time. It actually rarely happens. I think if you aren't comfortable with parents being home while you are working then you need to spend time looking for a NF that will definitely be out of the home most of or all of the day. They are paying you to be there. It just sounds like you aren't happy with how they want to run their day which is okay but you should probably look for a new job because you sound unhappy.

It's really up to them what they do with their off time. As long as you're being paid, it doesn't matter what they do. I'm a nanny and a mom. I have had a sitter come in when I'm off because of a variety of reasons. I could be sick, going through personal/family stress, or any other reason. As long as I stay out of her way and pay her, it shouldn't matter why she's there.

Now if you have a contract that says you won't work for a SAHP, then that's different.

So maybe i should added, that these parents don't do "anything" when they are home all day and I am there. The mother drinks, or does drugs some times, usually she sits in front of the TV all day and does nothing while I take care of their one and only child. Same thing with the father, he will just sit around or stare at me. They weren't sick or busy when they do this. They are just lazy. It would be different if the parents had errands to run, or had colds, I could understand that....but just to sit on the couch while I'm there, making 3 meals a day for this kid, taking her to school and etc....it really comes down to the point of them just being lazy and not wanting anything to do with the child. They leave her alone at night by herself or take her to restaurants with bars at all hours. I feel bad for the kid! Of course its up to them to do whatever they want on their day off, but they aren't sick or are not working, so they should be able to drive their kid to school at least. I don't know, that's how I look at things. I could understand a mom who needs to get laundry done, cleaning, or appointments and errands, but just to sit on the couch drinking all day while I take care of their child, just seems odd to me. LOL.

Thank you for the advice. I do not have a contract with them and both of them have "jobs" but they rarely ever work. I am looking for a new job(s). I also tutor and take care of pets. :) In the past, I've had fabulous families I've worked for, even moms that needed help when I was there, but they were also busy cleaning or going to appointments and such. That was great, I had one family who used me 3xs a week, the mother was home and the father was a doctor (he was always not there) and she would stay out of my way, do her laundry and take care of everything in the house. She didn't just sit on her butt all day watching TV or drinking LOL.

Thanks for all the help! :)