How Much Time To Spend on Professional Development/Week?


I am someone who has a difficult time with leaving work at work. I do have plenty of ideas to keep my home life and work life separate. I do not have energy nor time to actually use them. I've really been struggling with some burnout symptoms. I have depression, (that I get treatment for). But I'm constantly reading books, articles, etc. I don't have a life of my own.

Additional background to my specific situation:
I am dealing with a micromanaging mom. They also just enrolled their boys, (2y twins), in Montessori this fall and so there's been adjustment for everyone but particularly the kids. I'm doing my best, but I feel as though it isn't good enough. I'm constantly reading, and even just signed up for montessori training, (just a weekend training), because I'll get texts throughout me watching them trying to tell me what to do, (nanny cams everywhere and she works from home). Mind you, she has almost no experience with childcare. I have been babysitting for 14 years, and nannying for 5 and a half. I'm a student, so most have been short term. But I was hoping this to be the last position I have before I pursue my doctorate for pediatric occupational therapy.

I'm feeling some distrust from them, and have tried to talk to them about it but it never feels as though it gets solved.

My main question is how many hours/week do you spend for reading, researching, etc.? It's taking up too much of my mental well being. But I do need this job, as I absolutely do not have the funds to quit.


I enjoy learning about child development and methods on child rearing. I've learned so many great things researching on my own since becoming a nanny 2.5 years ago :)
I probably spend an average of 2 hours/week (sometimes more, sometimes less) on research and reading related to nannying and childcare. I do it because I enjoy it but I don't let it consume my life :) I am pretty adamant about keeping my certifications up to date and I'll occasionally browse the internet for certifications that will advance my nanny salary/career. I think it becomes a problem if you are blowing off other obligations, dreading going into work, and just overall putting your health below your job. I can tell you that when I became a nanny I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I love being a nanny but it definitely took me almost a year to find my groove. I feel better knowing I have this community to lean on.