Need help with guaranteed hours

Hello, I'd love to hear the opinion from the nanny community in my situation. I've been with this family for an exact year now, they're great and all but my only complaint is: I don't get guaranteed hours. We never made a contract which I now regret.

I was part time when I started but after the summer my hours changed and I'm working full time. Which I don't mind, it helps me greatly with my bills, but the days I don't work I don't get paid (like holidays or snow days or days they're traveling). It doesn't happen often but I'd like to shift that and maybe sit down with them and ask for guaranteed hours. How would you do that?

I have a hard time coming up with a way to word it that doesn't make me sound greedy, since I was working less hours before and it was fine but now it kind of irks me. I know is terrible timing but I was thinking now would be a good chance to bring it up. Any tips? Have you ever been in this same situation? Should I just move on and not say anything? Thank you.


Ask for a yearly review with your NF. Discuss the annual raise, benefits and PTO. Guaranteed hours are standard in this industry. Be polite, but firm in your request.

It might help to put it this way- "I must be guaranteed a 40-hour weekly "PAYCHECK". This is regardless of hours, in the event that some weeks they only need you for 30, you need to be GUARANTEED a 40 hour weekly "PAYCHECK", NOT a "40 hour week".
This wording was very helpful with me and my clients and set some firm boundaries. Hope this helps! :)