This discussion regarding Nanny Christmas bonuses has come up every year since I have been a member.
I live in Missouri, large city 2-3 mil. , not a farm town. I have been a nanny since 2008. The xmas bonus is definitely a perk, not a part of your salary girls. I Thanked God I got one this year as I was totally broke after paying my income taxes, property tax on my car, December health insurance, new health insurance for January 2018, and dental insurance and utilities on my apartment. All these $1,095.00 costs before xmas drained my bank account. I do not Use Credit Cards. Everything is Cash. Fortunately, I got a $400 bonus from my new boss of 5 months. They are Very Conservative and mom pays me from her check. I also asked to be paid when they took a surprise 5 day vacation this Fall because I had to sit at home and wait for their return. Fortunately for me, I asked if she was still going to need me in 2018, all year, as baby is getting older (7 months of age). She said yes, and I am so thankful. I am thankful I have a JOB. I also told parents that all National Holidays are paid 8 hours, because that is the Law and they are off with pay, so why can't I be off with pay. This is a new family for me for 2017 as my last family cut my hours to part-time in June as boys started going to preschool half days. This can happen to all of us, as mom just decides the kids are too much in the house all day, and puts them in preschool or daycare suddenly. I was pissed. I lost my full-time, $15 an hour job, as it was cash and it was 15 mins from my apartment. This family conveniently failed to tell me that eventually the hours would be cut to 24 from 45 hours. I would have Never taken this job, especially shadowing grandma with two hyper boys, if I had known up front about the change in hours to part-time. The bad part was that I had to go to grandmas house and help grandma as she could not run after these two boys and watch both by herself. We became friends overall and now she has hired a retired person to help her, but the lady falls asleep on the job! This is their 4th nanny in 4 years! The boys parents are both FT professionals making big bucks and now are pregnant with a 3rd baby on the way. Grandma asked me if I wanted the nanny job next year, next June, when baby comes. Ugh, no thanks. I cannot chase two hyper boys all over the house with two barking crated dogs in the basement and take care of a newborn. All with grandma driving them back and forth to preschool and up my butt. I told them they need to find a 23 year-old Early Childhood Education college graduate with lots of energy and good knees!
Bottom line: Negotiate a New Contract for 2018 Now and Include 6 paid national holidays. Include Presidents Days if mom is in the Banking business as she will be off work with pay and will want you off as well. Ask for a vacation paid when they take theirs (1 week for 1 year of service) and these holidays paid. No one will pay Sick days that I know of as some nannies abuse this privilege and I know Kids Get Us Sick.
Write in and let us know How your Christmas went and what you are negotiating for the New Year.
Merry Christmas to All. miss pat


Hey there! I started with a new family 5-6 months ago. I did not get a bonus, extra money, or anything like that. I was not given time off either. Also, the parents had nothing planned for me. I walked in with a pretty wrapped box for the child (it had 2 toys in it) and the mother looked at me, rolled her eyes and sighed. She then took a gift that she had been given months ago off the counter and gave it to me! And guess what....that gift had the names on it and some picture ornament of people I did not even know! LOL! No joke! Meanwhile, under their tree there was over 100 gifts to each other. Hmm! Not even a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" was said to me. I said, "Merry Christmas" and the mother rolled her eyes again, she didn't even say "bye" or "have a nice day" as she left for work. I had to work on Friday the 22nd as I thought I would have been off. Also, their child had been puking, a high fever, and having bad bathroom issues (as nice as I can put it) the day before on Thursday. The father lied to me on text early in the morning saying that she did not puke at all....he stated it was from eating eggs that they did not sit right. LOL. I was at work when the child ate the eggs. The kid is always sick too. I don't think you can get fever from eggs! Anyhow! LOL. No extra planned gift...Oh yeah and get this, I purposely said, "Thank you for the gift" when the father came home from work, he said, "Huh? What?"....LOL guess his wife didn't tell them she gave her gift from her friend! LOL!

I could go on and on about all the BS I've been through in the past 5-6 months with just this family! How could you not doing anything special for your sitter/nanny?! Crazy! I've never had this happen, even when I was a teenager babysitting or in my early 20s (now in my 30s), the parents went out of their way, even giving presents on Easter with cash! Ugh!

I've been with this family for one year. They overwork me and I do housecleaning too. Last year they got their weeekend nanny a gift and not me. I'm weekdays and do four times as much work. This year I didn't get a bonus or even a merry Christmas. Not a gift either. Just straight to work and cleaning after their Christmas party. Their house is nasty and their kids whine and throw stuff all over.
I basically run this whole household with laundry and groceries and tutoring twice a week for all three kids Seperatly. I'm also not even going to try to negotiate pay because she acts like it's a big deal when I asked for $100 flat rate from 8:30-5 a day. Which is not enough for all the work I do anyways.

Kinda bummed I didn't get any bonus or gift.

Merry Christmas! I always appreciate your advice here. I did get a bonus this year. Not as large as last year, but I am seriously thinking of taking the Spring off from nannying. My second baby is due this summer. I want to spend extra time with my son because I am putting him in preschool in Aug. I've been blessed enough to have him with me at work almost every day ever since he was born.

I'm thinking of taking the spring off work to really enjoy this time with him as an only child before the baby comes. And also, my body doesn't do well pregnant. I get very sick. I cannot keep anything down. I've been admitted for dehydration three times already so far. And keep losing weight. I'm smaller now than I was before either pregnancy so my Dr is worried.

Anyway, yes. Always get PTO written into your contract: holiday pay, sick leave, vacation AND guaranteed hours/pay when families cancel/travel!

Every family I have worked for the past 10 years has given me a Christmas bonus plus a Christmas gift at the end of the year. Also birthday gifts. This new family I have been working for almost 2 years never gave me a Christmas bonus but have blessed me with Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and are very good people to work for as far as the way they treat me. I have always been treated with respect and kindness, and job creep has never been an issue with them (as it has before with other families). I never expect a bonus but it is always nice to receive one! But if a family treats me respectfully and adheres yo the contract, I could honestly care less if I get a bonus since being treated right goes a long way in itself!

To the girl whose family re-gifted her something that she couldn’t even use and rolled their eyes at you when you said merry Christmas (k2bug84) - that boils my blood! They sound like extremely rude, uncaring people and you do not deserve to be treated that way. That spills over into other areas and clearly shows they lack respect for you as well as common decency. No way would I ever work for people like that! As nannies, we shouldn’t expect gifts or extras, but we should very much expect to be treated respectfully. When people start crossing those boundaries, it’s time to go.