Am I being underpaid?

Hi! I’m new to this group and have a question I would like to ask some other nannies!!

Iv worked in childcare either nannying or as a teacher for about 7 years. I’m currently nannying for a family of two children in rapid city SD for about 6 months. an almost three year old and a just barely two month old. I work about 35 hours a week. I take the older child to the park, to gymnastics if needed, to lunch, out for play dates. Iv also been doing school work with him and he now knows all his letters numbers colors and shapes, he can also spell and write his own name and is starting to associate letters with sounds. I have both children all the time. I make 12$ an hour Which is what I was making before the second child was born. I can’t help but feel I should be making a little more considering there is now two children and also everything that I do with them both. I don’t get any benefits and if they leave town I don’t get holiday pay or anything. What should I do???


I think you should definitely be paid more. My rule is that I get paid extra for children under 5 months. I charge say $12 an hour and an extra $2 per child OVER 5 months. You should definitely talk to the parents about more pay.

I would talk to the family and ask for a raise. I know its not easy to do, but now that there is a second child your job is twice as difficult and asking for another dollar or two should be expected. When the family I worked for for 5 years couldn't give me a raise or any benefits like PTO, I started looking for new jobs. I eventually had to give the family and ultimatum when I received an attractive offer from another family. If they really value you as their employee, then they will fight for you by giving you a raise and/or PTO or at least paid holidays.

I live in Missouri and my base pay is $13 per hour for 1 baby, age 2 months, and I am barely making my expenses. In the last job, I made $15 per hour in caring for 2 boys; ages 2 and 4. I did not drive my car and take them to classes, the park, lunch out, etc. with my car. Their grandma drove us everywhere and paid for their entertainment and food. She spent an unbelievable amount of money on them, including matching outfits. After seeing what they wore to grandma's house, worn out stuff, I understood why she bought them clothes. I will not pay for kids entertainment and drive my car and use my gas. You are not being compensated for what you do. Nannies need to negotiate a raise with the second new baby! I always tell my new family that if they have a second baby in the future, the hourly wage goes up 3.00 per hour; 1 baby $13.00, two kids; NB and a 2 year-old $16.00 per hour. All daycare businesses charge for two kids in a family. There May be a 10% discount for the second child, but the infant nursery charges more than a 2 year-old. A family can be charged $500 per week for two kids in the family, full-time. Stop taking these children around anywhere in your car and paying for things. New Year, new raise, new contract because there is a new baby! Negotiate Before Jan. 1. miss pat

Wow!i would definitely say you’re being under paid. I charge $15 an hour for one child with full time hrs(40). Not only do you have nanny experience but actual teaching as well. And all the work and effort you’re putting in with their son shows. With two children and all that you do including teaching and taking them to activities I would be comfortable charging $20 hr or at least $18. It would be fine to charge $18 as a max if one of the children were self suffient like maybe in middle school but this is a toddler and an infant who both require your time all day. I’m not sure what the nap schedule is like but I’m pretty sure you don’t get a much of a break between the two of them. Don’t undervalue your work quality care is not cheap, you get what you pay for. $12/hr is for a nanny with one child no experience and sits on the phone all day.

Hi there! I'm new to this group too and posted a similar question to you, wondering if I was being under paid. Reading your post, I can definitely say you're being under paid. I work in point loma in san diego, and according to, you should make $16-$17 an hour for 2 kids. So if I were you I'd definitely have a sit down with the parents and see if you could renegotiate your terms considering you're now watching 2 kids which is much different than 1. I've read that you should get a $2-3 bump in pay if you start watching baby #2. And like you I don't have any benefits, but at all my past jobs I had paid holidays, 3-4 sick days, and if the family was out of town, I got paid. It was amazing! And since you said you were a teacher before, I'd definitely say those parents are getting a steal, and should absolutely pay your what you're worth.