Should I get a new job?

Right now i work for an on call nanny agency. I don’t see many hours most of the time. I’m lucky if I get 40 hours a week. My cases (jobs) depend on which areas I choose to work. The more areas I choose, the more cases i will get. Right now, I choose the closest areas to me to work in. I don’t want to have to drive super far with traffic any day of the week, so I usually stay close to my house unless my manager asks me to take a case that’s outside of my regular city limits. I work with differnt families almost every day. I love working with kids. The only down side is that I don’t get satifaction from my job. I love working with children longterm and seeing the changes in them. I don’t get that with my job now because i may work with a kid for one day and never see them again.

I was offered a care giving job working with autistic adults and it pays less than what I’m paid now. I get paid $16 /hr at my job now which I know is underpaid.. and at the caregiving job I would get paid about 10-13/hr but there are garunteed hours. I would automatically make more money than I do now with the care giving job just because I would get more hours. The pros with the caregiving job is that I would work at the same place every time and have coworkers OR I could stay at my job and choose all areas to work in which would be different locations almost every day and one case might be 15 minutes away and another one might be 2-3 hours away depending on traffic. I’m not a morning person so I would hate waking up extra early. I’m torn because I love working with kids, and I dont want to make a sudden change in my work and end up not liking it. Also I don’t have any benefits where I work now because I’m on call. I want to open my own in home daycare once I get a house, but that won’t be until the near future. I would like to know your thoughts if you were in my shoes!