I have been an infant nanny for 10 years full-time. Not all families are Clean. My new family of 6 months moved into this renovated home, some rooms are new, some old, while she was pregnant and while her mom lived here. They have been married two years and apparently she always lived at home, prior to being married. Her Mom helped her with the cleaning as she was pregnant. Mom moved away. This house, where I work everyday, has not been cleaned in 6 months. Both parents, my boss included, are pretty messy. If they make pizza at night, the pan, pizza, mess is still on the stove and crumbs everywhere at 7 a.m. Trash is overflowing. The other day, I spilled something on the kitchen floor and when I got down to wipe it up, the tile came up white where I cleaned, the tile next to it was black. This kitchen floor is filthy. Wood floors throughout have dust, dirt, and fluid splashed from old spills on the floor. The windows are dirty. The dad has a Long List of things to do but nothing gets done. The dad left his nasty nails he cut off his body on the living room end table where I sit in the morning! Her clothes are on the floor in front of the hamper, in the bathroom every morning, they never make the bed, the dog got mud on her comforter, and their bath has not been cleaned either in six months. I collect the trash throughout the house because I cannot stand to work in a kitchen making baby bottles with trash. How do I say nicely, you need to hire a cleaning lady and I am not it! She works 8-5 daily and dad is a nurse who works his nurses job two days, and construction with his dad two days, and then maybe one day at another hospital. It seems that they go, go on weekends but do not cook meals or anything else. This week, dad ate pizza 3 days in a row. I will not clean someones house or floors. They low balled me on the pay from the beginning, $2 less per hour, so no way am I cleaning their house. My concern is that their baby will crawl soon, like 2 months, on these filthy floors. How do I mention they need a cleaner because the baby will crawl soon? My other concern is dad is so behind in all the things that need to be done and fixed, when is he going to baby proof when the baby starts crawling? They have 12 stairs open to the basement and two levels, drop offs, that baby can fall from. There house gets worse weekly instead of better. I am buying a sleep sack this weekend as it is 32 degrees at night now and she puts baby in bed at night in a sleeper only, no t-shirt underneath. How do I ask are you hiring a cleaner and are you going to babyproof? miss pat