Flying with little ones

Hello! I'm just hoping for some advice, pointers, or feedback.... in less than a month I will be traveling with my nanny family. Going to Hawaii, and my daughter is coming along which is great for me! She is 11 and we will have fun.. The thing that mostly concerns me/ makes me feel a bit anxious is that the parents are leaving a few days early to have some quality time before we all arrive. That means I am flying 6 hours with an 11 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old, and a newborn! Have any of you traveled like this with your nanny children?? Any tips on keeping them entertained? Am I CrAzY to have said I can do it?! Thank you for reading.


That's going to be a lot.
I would pack each child a bag with little surprises they can open - sticker books, color wonder coloring pages, you used to be label to bring play dough on the plane but I'm
Pretty sure you can't now. They should each 11,5 and 3 have a pair of headphones that are comfortable- I'm not a big fan of tv and video games but have the parents get the kids I pad minis for the trip. Load them up with movies and games. Bring snacks for them to eat. Everyone should have at least one clean short and the 2 littles ones a full change of clothes.

Talk a lot ahead of time about how they should behave on the plane. And what they should expect at the airport.

I wouldn't do this. Too many kids foe one person. You need to rethink this. A newborn should travel with mom. You can ask them to either take the 3 and five year old or the newborn. The 3 and 5 year old will be tough to handle for one person.

That's borderline negligence on the parents' part to expect you to do all of that. Are they involved w/ their children at all? I've worked for some parents who are very self-involved, & even they wouldn't ask one person to travel with 4 kids by themselves! At this point, thank God you are bringing your daughter, but unfortunately it sounds like she's expected to work on this trip as a mother'a helper, not get a true vacation. Where are you flying to HI from? Assuming LA since it's a 6 hour trip. I've worked for many families in LA, & some expect way too much from one person, and some hire one nanny per child..... each one is a bit of an extreme, but it's not that one person can't fly on their own w/ 4 kids, it's the liability on your end that I worry about, as because 3 of them aren't your kids, & you're going to have your hands full trying to do all of this, I worry that something could happen & they will hold you accountable. Are you being paid appropriately for this trip as well? Traveling jobs are supposed to pay extra, and even though you get to bring your daughter, you're going to be working & like I mentioned before, it almost sounds like your daughter will be working as well. I've turned down several traveling positions, for some very high profile families, as traveling w/ families is always a LOT of work, & very physically & mentally exhausting. Please don't do it if you don't feel comfortable. If they're doing a trip like this, they can obviously afford it, so ask them to hire someone to fly there w/ you to help. If you want to speak privately off of here, feel free to let me know as I know it's hard to have these conversations & I'd be more than happy to help. Good luck.