18 month old for $500/wk. Yes or No?

I have a job offer to take care of an 18 month old boy for about 45 hours a week and get paid $500 wk (taxes reported).

I would be in charge of wiping down toys, mopping kitchen floor, kid and mom's laundry, kid and mom's dinner.

I'm a new nanny so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. What do you all think? Is $500 a decent wage for the work?



My answer is this wage is too little, simple as that. I would suggest to not work for a salary, but hourly and guaranteed hours. Anything over 40 hours a week should be time and a half

Talk to a tax consultant and see what your Net pay is After you deduct taxes. Nannies care for kids, kids laundry, sweeping kids floor after meals. Mopping floors, Cooking dinner and doing moms laundry I would not do. You will end up doing all laundry and cleaning the entire place! Are planning on driving toddler to activities, park, etc.? Bump up the price to $600 weekly because you will need to pay Taxes quarterly every (3 months) $400 minimum in Federal and State taxes. Who pays for your health insurance monthly, gas, meals, etc. $500 is not a lot to live on after you pay all expenses. Are you a Live-in nanny or commute? miss pat

You need to be paid hourly, not a salary. Otherwise down the road there will be issues. Just keep it hourly from the start, best advice you can get. And as for if it's worth it, that's on you. Check the market, ask around your specific area, and see what other nannies are making. If it pays your bills and suits your overall needs go for it.

There is a difference of nanny and house manger. HM cleans house, family laundry and errands, which would be getting paid more. I have seen most duties are just for the children, meal prep, laundry and kids play room and pick up kids dishes. Now 500 is ok!

The short answer is no. It's only 11 per hour. Nannies should NEVER work for a flat fee/salary! It's the biggest con that families try on newer nannies. Basically, they want to get the advantage and get out of paying you overtime. That's illegal. You're a household employee and should make an hourly wage PLUS overtime PLUS get guaranteed hours. Meaning if they need 45 hours per week, you get your pay regardless. Even if they cancel/take a vacation/sick day or have out of town relatives.

Anything else isn't worth it. You will get burned out. Your rate should be higher than min wage. And they should offer some benefits. So at least 3 sick days. And a week's vacation pay at your discretion. But don't take a flat fee

Short answer, no but I'm not sure what area you are from. All those extra tasks would be a big no for me. I understand it is only one child who will probably nap for 2-3 hours a day but I don't like the sound of "doing mom's laundry" or "cooking mom dinner" too much room for job creep there. It might not seem like a lot on paper but realize in real life it'll be more stressful than that. Especially if taxes are being reported your take home won't be good. I would keep looking!

I agree with the other comments ... when I was a live in ... I was making between 6 - 10/hr ... because I was getting a fixed amount .. It was my first job ... so the second year I negotiated to stay. I asked for $20/hr and asked for OT at 1.5x after 45 hours and most important (at least for me), a guarantee of $800/wk ... and yes, this was on top of the fact that I was a live in. The guarantee is because if the family takes the child with them somewhere, you could be left with no pay for that time period.

Thanks everybody. I asked them for higher and they were not willing to give me hourly... I've decided not to take the job.

I'm glad to see that you made a good decision & didn't accept an offer that is too low - good for you for sticking up for yourself! Wanted to comment though as some others gave you the wrong advice. Nannies should NEVER have to pay quarterly taxes when taxes are taken out. Nannies should NEVER let a family give them a 1099 either. A Nanny is ALWAYS a household employee, so if you are having all taxes withheld, as that's what the family should be doing if you are being paid on payroll, then you file yearly taxes, you don't have to "pay quarterly". NEVER accept a 1099 from a family as that's the family trying to not pay their end of the taxes & that's illegal, & the family is then committing tax evasion. A 1099 would mean that a Nanny is an independent contractor, & a Nanny is ALWAYS a household employee, not an independent contractor. If you ever need to figure out what you'll clear in the future, here's a Nanny tax calculator to help you figure it all out! Best of luck in the future : )