Okay, so this is a long one.
My boyfriend has a sister who has a two and a half year old. We recently moved into their area, and his sister and her partner, Rebecca and Ann, asked if I would watch Charlie for them when he got out of school everyday. I said that sounded good, as we had just moved and I didn't have a job yet. Sandra, Charlie's grandma, watches Charlie in the morning everyday before he goes to school, then I put him down for his nap after school, and occasionally watch him on the weekends/put him to bed during the week. His parents work A LOT and don't spend a lot of time with him, and he has extreme separation anxiety, including from Sandra. Usually when I see him, I am greeted with "go away", or "I don't see her", or "I don't like her" and often a lot of crying. Tonight, his parents were going out for their anniversary dinner, and I am watching him. However, it was the same old "go away" and "don't come in the living room" and a lot of crying. His parents do NOTHING to stop this behavior, and it's really frustrating. I know he's two, but after a while, being told to leave and to go away constantly starts to ware on you. Rebecca and Ann say he likes me and it's just separation anxiety, but I don't think it's the right fit. If they aren't going to even ATTEMPT to curb this behavior, I don't know how I'm supposed to watch him. He doesn't do this with his other babysitter. And on top of that, he has tantrums all the time, and they let him get away with murder, probably because they never see him and when they do, they don't want to deal with his tantrums.
I want to tell them it's not the right fit, but is there anything I can do before I give up?


Oh the poor child, sounds like he's going through slot,. There is slot happening in a 2 years old brain and having his parents work slot is going to have affect on how he behaviour. There's slot if emotions and feelings happening at that age so maybe he needs help with understanding how he feels. Ask him how he is feeling sad? Angry? Happy? Silly? And tell him it OK to be those what you could do if he is feeling sad. Look at him in the and make feel heard and seen and listen too!
Find something that you too can do together that he loves
Your doing a great job!

Children at this age don't have the ability to apporiately express their feelings. It sounds like he craves attention from his parents but he's not getting that so he's taking it out on you because you're there and every time that you're there his parents go away. I don't think you're trying to see it from his perspective. You're the adult. You are the one who has the experience with emotions and feelings. He doesn't. If I were you I would start bringing over fun games, puzzles, or books. I would say something like "Look what I brought over for us to do together!" And if he tells you to go away, that's okay. Just start doing the activity on your own within his view. He'll more than likely be curious at some point and wander over to you. I would also start asking him to use words to describe how he is feeling. "Angry" "sad" and then try to calm him down by just ignoring the tantrum behavior. Children trantrum for attention and because they are confused by their emotions. He might just need more time to get comfortable with you.