Upset when mother leaves

So, I've helped this family out for the this child's whole life. They are 18mo and have been looked after by me at least once week since they where born. All a sudden they get really distress when mom leaves. Has soon has I get there they know that means moms to going to leave and starts crying. I know at that age children can do through a separation anxiety stage. I just really worried it's going to get me fired!

After awhile they are fine giggling and running around. Any tips in how to approach this? Thanks



take them in a different room, different level of house. Maybe make it bath time. Just things I did. I don't think you can get fired for crying babies. Just distract them with books, or toys, something.

You are right, this is normal. Faster mom leaves the better. I would also distract them with toys, songs, or just have them in another room separate from where mom leaves. Talk to the mom about it and have open communication. Let her know that they are fine after she leaves and send her a picture of them laughing if she is worried.

I would talk to the parents about your concerns. You obviously care, so maybe you could brainstorm with the parents what may work to help with the transition, then talk about what you try with the parents. Everyone wants what is best for the child, so I think the sooner the better.