Help! How much should I be making?!

So I currently nanny for one toddler and the mother is expecting twins. I live in Illinois and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I should be making for full time hours for twins and a toddler.


I was watching two boys and making 14.00 an hr. You will be having three. And being a mother of twins, I'm thinking 16-18 an hr. possibly once she returns to work as you may be her helper during maternity leave. Im from Chgo. You will be trying to entertain the big brother while soothing twins. See how that amount flies.

This family is going to need two nannies. You will be caring for 3 babies in diapers. Unless the toddler is potty trained, that is 3 diapers every 2 hours. A lot of stinky diapers, bottles of 6 feedings in a day x2 babies equals making 12 bottles for one day. The toddler will need cooked food for his meals x3 daily, plus Laundry! I care for one baby and I do laundry for her twice in 5 days. The parents will try to get off Cheap and will say, "oh, the toddler doesn't need much just food and a sip cup". Now you will be caring for 3 in diapers, bottles, meals, naps will be tricky. Twins wake each other up in the nursery. It seems that one twin is always larger and more active and louder unless they are both preemies. Take all this work of caring for 3 babies daily in consideration. How many hours are you there working? Is the mom going to be home on maternity leave for awhile? I would charge her for 3 babies as you will have to cook for the toddler and watch him eat and drink and he needs supervision. At 5 months the babies will know when you leave the room, so plan on having all three in the same room during the toddlers meal time. A nap for the toddler is a must! Do not let the mom drop his nap. She will, because eventually toddlers at age 3 won't nap and you won't get a break at all. The new age for potty training is age 3, especially for boys. I just quit a job where the 2.5 year-old is not potty trained and he is 35 lbs. Now he won't sleep and my boss puts him in his room at nap time anyway. The kids mom says keep him up and his grandma says no, I need a break. I worked and helped grandma this past summer. I quit to take an infant NB job and we just found out the mom is pregnant again with #3! Glad I got out of that job. Three babies in diapers is a lot of work. Charge the rate x3 that you charged when the toddler was an infant. I don't know what you are making with 1 toddler, but I would not take this job on unless they paid $20 per hour, no matter what state you live in. Pay close attention to what the mom says as she will try to downplay what you will be doing and she won't be doing the work, you will! Good luck and keep us posted. miss pat