No more naps... HELP!

I currently nanny B/G twins who turned 3 last month and have been with them the past 2 years. Recently they started having a harder time going to sleep at night and also waking up for hours at a time during the night (6pm bedtime) so they pushed their bedtime back to 8pm and things were fine. Now the parents want more alone time so they want their bedtime back to 6pm so they have decided to cut their naps out. The problem is, the children are still refusing sleep until 8-9pm and also waking during the night. The parents wake the children at 6:30 before I arrive and refuse to let them nap. The children are exhausted and don't want to play, crying almost the entire day begging to nap. The parents still say no. How can I go about keeping them awake when they are exhausted, screen time is also not an option and any quiet time results in them falling asleep. Also, any advice to get them back on a good sleep schedule? Thank you!


I would tell the parents you see the children suffering from a point of exhaustion because they don’t have enough adequate sleep time at night. Pushing them back the first time and then bringing back to an earlier time messes with them. At this age their bodies know the time difference. So either ask if they keep the bedtime at 6pm to let them sleep until they wake up naturally.
Children at this age still need 11 to 13 hours of sleep at night and sometimes short naps. Tell the parents how the children are without that sleep. It’s affected them negatively . Tell them something has to change for the sake of the kids.

Thank you for your response! I have tried letting them know how tired they are and actually mom works from home at least once a week so she can even hear them asking to take a nap and how upset they are the majority of the day due to lack of sleep. She says they need to cry it out and hopefully all the crying makes them more tired for bedtime. Breaks my heart because they are sweet kids, but they no longer want to do much of anything with lack of sleep. I think I will try talking with parents again and hopefully get on the same page for the children's sake.

If I were you I would honestly be looking around. No nap, quiet or screen time results in no break for you. The parents cannot think that is fair. In my opinion, I don’t care what age, all kids need some form of alone time in their room for atleast an hour. That gives everyone a break! The parents seem a bit hard to work with. Seems like they want the early bedtime so they don’t have to put up with them. A 6pm bedtime is absurd. If the parents aren’t on board for quiet/nap time or a later bedtime, then honestly a new sleep schedule cannot be established. They need to work with you and it doesn’t sound like that’s happening. At three, they should be napping and going to bed later than 6pm. I would job hunt if I was you. Hope it all works out for the best!

Thanks for the reply! You have good points, working 8 1/2-9 hour days without a break does get to be a lot. I can hardly sneak to the bathroom alone lol. I could see if these children were not tired and were just growing out of naps but having children that cry wanting to nap and no longer want to participate in activities out of pure exhaustion breaks my heart. I think I'm going to try talking to the parents again and letting them know how much this is negativity affecting their children. Looking around for other options is also a good recommendation, thanks!