Got laid off after only one week of working...

Okay so the lady I worked for (nanny/tutored a 9 yr old girl) was really wishy washy. She changed up the date I was supposed to start 3 times, she made me lower my price like 3 times, and then cut me from being full time to part time so then I was barely making half of what I was supposed to. Then last Friday she was supposed to pay me, and she did but I had to like pull it out of her even though we’d already agreed she was gonna pay me. Bleh. So I decided that we eventually would need to part ways and started looking for a new job, I was gonna give her two weeks notice. Then she called two days in a row and told me not to come in those days. On the third day, and after only a week of me working, she called and told me that her husband doesn’t want her to pay me anymore while she’s working from home. While I understand that, they employed me and led me to believe that I would have a long term position with them. ALSO, I secured a second car that I now have to pay insurance for and can’t afford only because I was getting this job - and the woman knew that!
I regret not having a contract in place with them, lesson learned for next time.

The thing is, I have an 8 month old daughter who I was able to bring to work with me. It is apparently VERY har to find a job where you can bring your own child with you. Does anyone have any advice on this? I’m super desperate at this point. There’s no way for me to put her in childcare, id be working just to pay for a sitter.


It's actually good that this job ended. It is a big red flag when pay issues come up this soon. Never let someone make you lower your rate. Its not cool.
Many familes will allow you to bring your child. I bring my son. Broaden your search area. Where are you looking for work?

Yeah that’s one of the reasons I started looking for new work. Before I got this job I had been looking for months.
I’m looking to work within 30-35 minutes from my house. I live in New Carrollton MD. 10 minutes from D.C.
I’m getting some good feedback so I’m hopefully something will come through soon.

Hi, I have a question....I have been nannying 2 kids since almost 1 year and a half and haven't gotten a raise. I would like to know if I should ask for a raise since oldest kid started school this year and I only have him for a few hours a day sometimes, my schedule varies from day to day. Thanks

Start looking for a job caring for an infant. You obviously have experience being a mom and so that would be an asset. Plus infant nanny jobs can last at least two years. One thing that you need to do when you pick your favorite family is state Job Duties. State on interview that you will only do this or that and No More. Infant laundry, pick up toys, baby bottles washed and filled daily and baby dishes washed Make a list of infant needs like formula and diapers, wipes, bibs etc., diaper genie refills also seem to be a problem. Some parents are busy on the weekends and do not shop for their household at all. Some just let things run out and buy when they need them which leaves nanny without wipes, diaper pail refills, etc. Ask upfront when do you purchase baby products for baby and that you will let them know when they are low. I just took a new nanny job 3 months ago and the babies mom informed me that "grandma, her mom" wanted to help with my salary. Scary thought because grandma is now moving back to Florida for the winter and mom said she bought the formula.
So, I will see what happens in the next month. Baby is going to need formula and wipes on Monday and I just do not know what these two young parents do with their weekend. The house is really dirty and they just leave stuff sitting around everywhere when it could be put away and floors cleaned. I hate to think in the next two months what baby is going to look like after crawling on the dirty floors. I am not cleaning them. The other question to ask is Who is your housekeeper? on interview. This couple low balled me on the hourly rate so I am not cleaning too. I am trying to pick up extra hours from past families on my day off as I work four ten hour days and have 3 day weekends. Start applying to "infant nanny needed" jobs and see what happens. Keep your chin up. Anytime a family starts cutting hours and is slow or late pay with a nanny, that is a sign they cannot afford a nanny. Dump them quick. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes. miss pat