How to Quit

So as the title says, I am wondering what is the most respectful way to quit a nanny job. How to mention it to parents, how much notice to give (is 2 weeks enough?), what to say to the kids, etc.


I would say that no matter how you choose to resign you want to give them a two week notice. I am not sure if you are willing to help them find your replacement, but you might express that you are available to help with that if you would like. A two week notice is a professional courtesy, though, unfortunately many families won't give you two weeks if they decide to let you go. It's best to do it in the way the parents prefer communicating. I recently had to resign from regularly taking care of a child and go to backup care for her, I emailed the mother because she doesn't like talking on the phone or in person much. She mostly communicates through text and email. If you believe they would be open to a conversation in person, then let them know that you would like to speak with them. Make sure you thank them for the opportunity they gave you and give your regrets that you must resign. I do not believe that you need to give a reason unless you would like to. I would let the children know and say goodbye when it's your last day. Children are often very hurt and grieve the loss of their primary caregiver so don't just leave without saying goodbye. Unfortunately, some parents cut you out of being able to say goodbye and try to act like you never existed but the kids grieve and usually have difficult behaviors as they try to process the loss. I hope some of this has been helpful!
Best of luck!
ms. belle

You can search this site for old posts and see what others have said before.

In general if you have a good relationship with the family and you don't think they will fire yoh early try to give a longer notice. 3-4 weeks if you can.

Otherwise give 2 weeks notice.

Write a letter letting them know you are giving notice. Include your last day and what if any property you will return to them ( car seat, house keys, garage clicker thing), you might also remind them to talk about if they want to remove you from trusted pick up lists if your NK's go to school at all- they may want to keep you on if you will be available for back up care.

Give them the letter on the pay day that falls 2 weeks before your last day. Tell them you are giving notice and give them the note.

I never discuss it right them. I tell them if they want to talk about it we can chat on Monday.

Know what you will say when they ask you why or if you will stay. You need an answer if you don't want to be talked into staying.

If you would possibly stay think about what would work for you - more money, better hours? But know that the relationship will change and they might feel resentment.

Good luck.