Parents laundry

They crept on me to do parents laundry. There's three baskets, one kids and two parents. They have me do all three baskets a week. How do I only do children's now. I don't want to be rude. I've been doing it for about 8 months now but it's getting to be too much on my back in the house with stairs. Laundry room is down stairs


When I've had job creep I tend to find a new job, because I've never been able to successfully navigate the removal of duties once I've started doing them for free.

You could try to schedule a sit down meeting where you discuss how the parents laundry isn't a nanny job, and you need to stop doing it for your back and because you never agreed to it in the first place. But it's a tough one, most parents do not like being told they're taking advantage of you even when they definitely are.

I would explain to them that doing their laundry (because there is so much of it) is effecting your back.Then just stop doing it. If they throw their things in with the children's laundry separate them and place them into another basket and don't touch it after that. Parent's making you do their laundry is so disrespectful in my eyes. That is not what a nanny is.

I don't explain. If the parents laundry gets left with the kids' I will only do the kids. Especially if they try to do it without asking me. I've had parents ask me to help. And I will do it, if they're up front about it. And it's a once in a while thing. But I think washing adult clothes is hella gross. And won't do it! And definitely not if they couldn't be adults and ask me to do it.

Nope, don't do it. I was asked at the start of 1 job to do "a load of laundry now and then" and it became ALL of the laundry. The parents never did any! I didn't say anything and just continued doing the kids' laundry. They never said anything to me about it. I wasn't being compensated to be a housekeeper and I had 3 kids and 2 dogs to care for.