I've been a nanny for this family for almost two months. I moved in at the beginning of august. I work for a single mom in the military. Honestly, this has been the worst job. I make five an hour and the children are horrible. They don't care about anything I have to say and they hit me and bite me which have left marks, they scream all the time and cry and it's exhausting to have to deal with. I'm a great nanny and I love children. I've done this for a couple years now and never experienced any of this before.

The mother goes out a lot, not really for work ever. She goes to drink and comes home plastered. She also drinks every single night and is always drunk. She goes out every weekend and some weeknights. She has a whiteboard up next to my room which is mostly full of her nights partying. I'm in a three year relationship to a soldier who i don't get to see often. I see him for 2-4 days a month and since i moved in i haven't been able to because shes always out partying. So i told her in advance that i was going to kansas to see my boyfriend and she okay and then the day before i was supposed to leave she wanted to be there so i could watch the kids so she could go out. I went to kansas and told i couldn't and that she said i could go, so she fired me and gave me two weeks to get out.

My question is can she kick me out in 2 weeks? I've been told I am supposed to be able to have 30 days and to make at least minimum wage which i wasn't aware of. I need help ASAP. I've also been told by her that I can't come out of my room when the kids are up, I can't talk to them, I can't talk to the new babysitters, because now she has new babysitters coming in. SO basically i have to be locked in my room. Please HELP!


Girl!!! Get out as soon as possible. I understand you probably need to make arrangements for a new living situation but do it as soon as possible. Legally, if there was a contract involved I do believe she has to give you a 30 day notice.
It sounds like a special type of hell that you're in right now. It's unfortunate that she's not being reasonable with you especially because of the kids.
And it's sad to see that you've been taken advantage of in suh a way.
I hope everything works out for you!

I would consult an attorney, but if you get mail there you're a tenant. And your wage is illegal. Get a lock for your room or protect your belongings. I would also record her every time she said something abusive. Even live ins have to make Min wage.

Don't interact with her. She cant lock you in your room. You have 30 days. But consult an attorney. Many of them do free phone consults

What's there a contract set in place, for the 30 day rule? Or any sort of lease agreement if things don't work out etc. Unfortunely, there's not much you can do... if nothing is in writing. She sounds like an awful employer, I wish you the best of luck. I would search for something quickly and rush out as soon as possible.

My understanding is that unless you have signed a lease you don't have 30 days you have 3.

Live ins get room and board as part of their pay- it's part of your job. If you are fired from your job you also lose your place to stay.

It may be different in your state than in mine. I just looked this up the other day for my state.

I'm so sorry. What a mess.

I wish you luck.

First off how many hours are you working a week.. including when your boss is out partying? You should be making $655 for a 40 hour week for.. live in..$5 a hour dosent even meet the guidelines.. Minimum is 7.25 a hour. Plus more for overtime.. Or anything over 40 hours... She could be in very big trouble! She is taking advantage of you and she knows it!.. What I would do is go on Care. Com .. create a account.. get in touch with Nanny Poppinz.. start looking for another job and fast!.. She can't keep you locked in your room... Make sure you tell the new sitter .. everything you go though with this family.. She has a right to know what she's signing on for.. Contact a lawyer.. There are lawyers that will consult with you for free.. Do you have a Contract? Does it state how many hours you work a week.. and compensation for overtime.. She can't just throw you out! ...I would get some legal help take her to court if you have too.. Sooner you get another job and leave.. The better off you will be.. Good luck..

So this isn’t a huge situation but here’s the deal :
The little 19 m/o girl I care for has a stuffed bunny that she absolutely adores. Bunny must go everywhere with her, including crib. It’s essentially her “lovey”. Her parents also bought a backup bunny for times when original bunny is being washed or if they accidentally lose it. They are the same exact bunny, brand, color and all.

Friday we were at the park and I hid the bunny in the storage basket under the stroller from a child who harasses my little charge for her bunny while we are there. The little girl I watch was preoccupied at the time and didn’t even realize bunny was “hiding”. Well long story short, bunny went missing either at the park or it fell out on the way back home (roughly half a mile from the park). I didn’t realize until a couple hours later when we went to look for it before leaving Again, and he was nowhere to be found (I retraced our route all the way back to park without any luck). Mom isn’t mad at all but is planning to purchase another backup bunny in case we didn’t find him at the park this morning.

So my question is, since he was lost on my watch and since it’s such an important part of my little charge’s life/routine, is it my responsibility to replace him? I feel bad, and I want to but it’s also a $30 stuffed animal and for me that’s going to make my wallet wince a littlras I am leaving on a very long family vacation soon. I know this isn’t a huge deal but I haven’t encountered this situation in my years of nannying so I’m not quite sure if it would fall under my responsibility as a nanny to replace it. If you all think it is, or it’s the right thing then I will eat the $30 and replace it. I’m just curious to see some opinions. Thanks!