Being taken advantage of

Hi all, I have a few concerns. How many of you get paid gas compensation? I nanny for a 19 month old girl and have been with her since she was 3 months old. I got paid $600/ week when I started which is quite low for this white collar area. I work almost 50 hours a week. It came out to be $12/ hour plus change. When I hit a year, which I bit my mouth through the whole thing hoping I’d get a good raise, I got $25/ week extra. A normal nanny in this area should get a minimum of $25/ hour. Every month it seems a new task is added to my job. Not to mention the grandfather lives in the basement and I am constantly cleaning up after him. I am tondo the baby’s laundry once a week and to clean up her items and after myself. I end up cleaning up after the parents every day, as well as the grandfather. In addition, I have to sweep, mop, dust and ect. I do the dishes, I end up doing the parents laundry because they keep it in the washer, and so many more things. I also use my own car and don’t get paid for the gas I use. I take the baby to two classes a week and the other days we go to the playground and events. How do I tell me family that I need at least $20/ hour or I am going to have to leave? This pay is just too little for the cost of living and I am barley making it.
Ps, I tried talking about a raise and leaving at the one year mark but they guilted me into staying by saying that the baby would be devastated to see me go since she’s so attached to me.
All advice helps. Thanks.


Twelve dollars per hour is way too low. This is called job creep and guilt trip. Housekeepers get $25 per hour to clean homes in the Midwest and it does not include the entire families Laundry! Do not say, I need At Least $20 per hour.
Tell them I need $25 per hour now! because now I am cleaning up after All of you and All the Laundry, and you know it. In the meantime, look for another job quick. You will feel a lot better about yourself and learn that what you currently do is paid xx amount of dollars. A lot of employers try this guilt trip which is disgusting and all try job creep, "let the nanny do it all" needs to end. Good luck and stand up for yourself. miss pat

First off, figure out the total number of hours you work, how many miles you drive Extra taking the kids to activities, cost of their lunches out of the house, activities cost, and how much money you spend on gas taking the kids out. Keep receipts for 30 days on exactly how much you spend and how many miles you drive for the kids. Jot down all the extra duties Not related to the kids, for parents/grandparents, how much time you spend doing them. Then schedule a meeting with your boss. Lets say you work 48 hours a week and do all the duties and how much gas and money you spend. Figure it up and have the cost you spend in dollars. If you work 48 hours per week at $25 per hour it would equal $1,200 Per Week! which is double what you are now making. Do you think they would pay double what they are paying now?? Only you know. Do not fall for the quilt trip she is giving you, that is a Con Job. It doesn't work anymore. I would also start looking for a back-up job to replace them. I don't see them or any family doubling a nannies salary. Adding duties to your job description is an old trick. We call this job creep. They are using you like a maid and nanny combined and that is not Fair. Tell them. Shoot for $25 per hour, that is what housekeepers get in Missouri. You can come down to $20, but no lower or quit. This happens to a lot of nannies, including myself. I had to quit cleaning no matter how dirty, as I was also taken advantage of once. I care for a 4 month old since she was 8 weeks old. I took a $2 pay drop per hour as there were NO INFANT nanny jobs at the time. It seems that my nanny family is struggling and dad works 3 twelve hour shifts as a nurse and mom works 45 hours per week, but they do have rental properties they get money from, so they are in better shape than myself. Next year, i have to move as my daughter is going away to college and I hate our current apartment. My rent will increase $200 per month in 2019, so if my boss renews my contract for 2019, and baby will be over 1 years old and more active, then I definitely will need a $2.00 raise per hour. If they cannot pay, then I am quitting. I only do minimal laundry and empty their dishwasher for them. Their floors are always dirty with dad's construction dirt and their dog going in and out, but I am not mopping floors. I always ask, Do you have a housekeeper? on interview because I don't clean.
Good luck and give us feedback on how it goes.
miss pat

Hi Miss Pat,

I'm curious what resources nannies use to determine the going rate in their area? My area according to payscale is $15/hour, but I live in Colorado and that just doesn't seem right. I've seen professional nannies break it down on this website, but I don't know where you all find the "going rate". If you have time, would you please give me some insight?

Hi there! Thank you for your comments! The “going rate” was determined via a Facebook group of moms in my town. They all question what each other pays and they have agreed upon $25/hour. It is a very white collar neighborhood. The same neighborhood Judge Judy has a house so I think that might give you a reference to the $$.

I live in an area where $25/hr is unheard of unless you're a full household manager where you cook, clean, and provide childcare. Or if it's a special needs child and the nanny has exceptional qualifications and education.

I don't subscribe to the idea that there is a set standard, you determine your pay rate. What anyone else earns doesn't matter. So if you need to make $15/hr you don't settle for less and keep looking until you find the family who will pay it. Because I'd be laughed out of an interview for demanding $25/hr in my metro area. And I work for the "wealthy" neighborhood of my area.

When I initially started they said they would give me a gas card, but there hasn't been any mention of it since. I take the baby to 1 class, and go to the park and library everyday. None of the activities are required though, and the mom is a home body (is home ALWAYS unless she goes to work) so I can tell that if it was up to her she'd prefer the baby to be inside all the time.. which is no way to live.
So I don't really mention the gas thing to them, I feel like most of the outings are for my santity and to keep us both occupied anyway.
I make about $4-5 more an hour compared to other nannies in the area.
I figure as long as I don't find myself having to fill up my tank more than once a week, it's not really an issue for me.
Hope this helps.