Thinking about quitting

I just started a new position as on on call nanny for an agency. The problem I have is that I feel underpaid. $16 an hour for any amount of kids and no matter if they have behavioral issues of any sort. We are NOT allowed to decline a job for any reason. I havn't been getting many jobs so my pay is literally unknown each week. Especially that parents cancel when they dont need me after they have already scheduled! That has happened to me several times and I just started 3 weeks ago. That means I am not getting paid for what i thought i would be. Also, it sucks because i could have been scheduled for another job, but i was already booked to a family that cancelled before the deadline which is 5pm before the day of care.

The positivites is that I like the change of caring for different kids each day or week. Some families book care for 1 day or a whole week. I was planning on 40 hrs a week so i made my availability open from 7:30 to 11pm and have been getting 8-9 hr jobs. Some 4 hr jobs as well but rarely. Also there are rules that have to be followed, but I think that they are general rules that if someone was strict then they would habe to be followed anyways as in only cleaning up after the children, no driving in cars, no meds can be given to kids, no baths, and parents must be on time.

Cons: hours arnt garunteed. Families cancel last minute. Pay is low for washington state. I have to be oncall 24/7. if i go to bed and i get a job notification while I am sleeping, i have to make sure i go to work no matter what. even the same day if i dont have a job and its later in the day, i might get a notification that theres a job i have to go to. That leaves me no room to do any last minute job searches for that day or plan to work because i see that i am not scheduled to work. If that makes sense!

Yes i knew that the hours were not garunteed when i accepted the job. I was told that since i am so available that i will probably work 40-50 hrs a week and i didnt know families can cancel. With that being said, i will be on the look out for a full time job with garunteed hours and benefits since I am moving into an apartment and have some stuff to pay off, garunteed hours are crucial at this point!


I'd quit. 16 for WA is unheard of! The lowest you should accept there is 20. There is no benefit to you. You could join parent groups/parent nanny connections and build up your own on call list of families. You could advertise online/leave flyers at mom&baby classes to build up your clientele.

This "agency" sucks from your description! Give notice.

Can you change your availability so that you leave yourself some free days or time during the week.

I would also go back to the agency and tell them if you are booked for a job and the family cancels and you aren't booked for another job during that time then you expect to be paid.

You might as well keep it up while you look for something else.

I can change my schedule! I will. Im really mad because this week and next week i only have two jobs equilling 14 hours for the next two weeks if i dont get any more! I cant live off that! Another agency accepted me and its a nanny agency. Full time 20-25 hr jobs with benefits! I might just do that since this job is unreliable.