Looking after kid's friend - no extra pay??

So I've been nannying for this family for four years now, no increase in rates and to be honest I'm not so happy with the family dynamic and their parenting style has recently changed and not in a way I necessarily agree with. I'm soon to finish my uni degree at the end of the year and already have a job lined up and so I've kind of had the attitude to just ride it out.

Recently the mother text me (contact is rare might I add) informing me that they 'need' me to look after two extra kids which are friends of the children I usually take care of. Taking care of them that afternoon included driving them home, feeding them and then driving them to their after school activity, this also included driving past to pickup their sports uniform from the mother of the other children who was at home. I assumed 'needed' indicated some sort of emergency but apparently it was already arranged and they didn't Bother to inform me until 20 mins before school pickup time.

Regardless, no extra pay was given to me which I stupidly assumed. I had no contact with the parents when they left pay for me.

The children are under the assumption that this will be a regular thing and I want to know what and if I should mention it to the parents. I'm not sure of I'm overreacting and your advice would be appreciated.

Thank-you lovely nannies! x



You're not overreacting. You should have definitely been compensated for the extra children and the extra duties that come with it. Not okay in my opinion. If it was prearranged and they said nothing it's disrespectful. How would they feel if their boss sprung extra work on them? Probably frustrated. It's a two way street and you should speak up.

I am always compensated extra (typically from the parents of the extra child I am caring for) when I watch my NK's cousins/friends. It is also always discussed with me prior to the situation happening so there are no surprises.

Thank you for your comment, I know it's my responsibility to speak up as well so if it happens again I will.

The disrespect is something I'm pretty used to with this family and so I guess it's felt like just one more little thing, but you're right I do need to say something if it happens again.

I'm curious about your opinion on 'swapping children', in the past I've taken care of one of their friends if one of the children have gone somewhere else (also always sprung on me last minute) What do you think about this?

Thanks again for your opinion :)

No problem, I think in this profession it's super important to speak up because we are often taken advantage of. A lot of NF think that because they are paying someone to be in their home they can ask them to do anything. Not how it should work at all. As for the child swapping, I have done that before but I am still compensated. Different child, different needs and temperament.

Once in a while as a favor to another family it's fine. I would do it with a smile on my face. If it was an every week occurrence and the other family is never planning on reciprocating then I would expect to be paid.