1st job pay vs 2nd job pay in Alabama

I worked for 1st family for 5 years- starting at $12/hour- a $2 raise when child 2 was born 3 years later and ending at $16/hour- they moved to CA in January and I've just been babysitting here and there charging $15/hour. I start a new job on Monday -they pay a flat fee $600/week for a 4 yo and 10 yo- so I am off 9-1 -3 days a week while 4 yo is in preschool and sometimes off during week if Mom is off due to call the previous weekend- Dad is a teacher so I'll be off all holidays with pay.......... I now realize that I was paid way below with first family- I mentioned my new salary to 1st mom and she said that's how most doctors do it- I absolutely love my first family- I am actually going to CA in a week for 2 weeks !!! has anyone ever been paid that low before for 3 years? guess it is partly my fault for not asking for a raise......


I have noticed that "Nanny Pay really depends on the state Nanny Lives In". When we first start the nanny business, some nannies have no idea what to charge per hour or per week. We think, What do I need per week to survive and pay my bills? If you live in the South or Midwest, like I do, parents will not pay more than $15 per hour for one infant OR one toddler. Average pay for me is $24,000-30,000 per year. If there are two kids; a two year-old and a newborn, I charge for two kids, no discount, double work. I have stated my hourly wage that I need on first interview, to commute daily, every week, on time, to their home, so parents don't have to take baby out or put baby in day care. What hurts the nannies in my city is that the day care businesses are charging Less for five days, 40 hours per week, than I charge, so, parents will pick the daycare. I have to be careful that I do not price myself out of a job. Most parents of newborns will prefer a nanny that comes to them, but they still want it Cheap. I do not clean their house or pick up after them. I cannot stand dirty kitchens and dirty floors, and I have worked in several! The more we Volunteer to Do for them without extra pay, the more they will put on you for Free (job creep). I have had major job creep where parents expected me to clean their kitchen cooking mess from the night before, plus Dad brings downstairs all Adult laundry for me to do, along with their infants laundry. I charged them my highest hourly rate! Once I charged them more, they quit taking advantage of their nanny and I quit after 12 month. The baby was a newborn and slept a lot, so I got very bored sitting around all day, however, enough was enough. On interview, I ask Do you have a housekeeper? I am not a housekeeper. I also worked for a nurse practitioner and a pilot and she paid me $13 per hour but it was a 13 hour day, so I still made money for those work days for two years. She had large dogs who destroyed the floors the baby was playing on and it was a pretty disgusting house, like a kennel, to work in. She would not pay more because baby was a newborn and then later slept 2-3 hours during my work day. When I gave her my notice after two years, she offered me $15 per hour to try and keep me. Big deal, I was really insulted and no amount of money could keep me there. So, lesson learned, Charge more to start, negotiate, you can always come down. California and New York nannies make more plus they include public transportation (subway) fees in their salaries. Seattle, Washington nannies should be paid more than Missouri. Google nanny pay in your state through Sittercity or Care.com to see what the customary rate is and add your gas cost to the weekly pay to give you what your weekly pay should be in your state. I have found that it doesn't matter what the parents do for a living, lawyers and doctors are the cheapest, and most certainly the dirtiest housekeepers. Business majors who also have a MBA, masters in Business, try to cheat nannies too. I worked for two of those. On first interview, I ask where do they work and what do they do? Their home and location also matters regarding what your pay will be. I wanted a nanny job with 1 newborn and No Parents working from home and No 80 lb. dogs with me all day, and 20 minutes from my apartment. Location also matters. So, I had to compromise on my hourly rate but I work 10 hour days, 40 hours per week, caring for a newborn, alone! It's worth it to me. I cannot stay after the first year without a raise, so if they want to keep me for the next new year, then they will have to pay me more per hour. I try not to get too involved with the parents, not too close, keep it like a business agreement. By the way, your boss is not Your Family, it's your job, so do not expect to be treated like family during the holidays. You could be fired or let go if there is a job change with one of the parents in the future! I do treat the babies and toddlers with lots of love and respect but I do realize that they are not mine. I am there to care for them like a nurse and teacher, not a mother. Good luck, and I would go for as much money per hour that you can get. Full-time is much better than part-time at low pay.
Good luck. miss pat