Money v. Happiness

Which would you prefer? Having a job that you do not enjoy but make more money than the job you prefer?

Stuck on quitting nanny job that pays DECENT as in more than the part time job I'm considering. Or just sticking it out for the next year.

Part time receptionist $12/hr
full time nanny/housekeeper/assistant for $11/hr.

Opinions? Can you relate?


I now always make the decision that has my well being in top priority, whatever that means. There were times when being treated horribly at work was worth it because my finances were struggling and I couldn't borrow money from my parents anymore. My last job was both bad for my mental health and bad for my pocket book but I loved, loved, those kids. Stayed longer than I should have. Now, no amount of money is worth being mistreated or unhappy at work. I'm too employable to deal with a bad situation.

Happiness over money! Definitely! I took a HUGE pay cut to go from a woman who treated me like garbage to a family who treats me wonderfully. At my old job, I was filled with anxiety 24/7. On my days off, I would cry about how awful it was, but that I didn't want to leave the kids. But now I am so happy. I love my job. I no longer have daily anxiety. I actually have no anxiety. Yes, I miss the money, but it was so worth it to me.

I quit teaching to be a nanny. Teaching paid way more had way better benefits and summers off. Nannying less money, more hours, worse benefits. So much less stress.

For me I chose happiness but I'll tell you I think about it a lot. I don't have much in savings. I don't really have job security.
Day to day I'm happier but I worry that long term financially I made a bad call.

In my area nannying is WAY more money than teaching. Maybe look for a new placement because with your degree you should be in the top bracket for nannying.

I almost always stick with happines, but I am welling to sacrifice my self -not to much- for a while if my plan need a better income, but just for a while... 'cause at the end no money is really worth it if you are not enjoying your life!

Hmmmm sounds like for $11 an hr to be an assistant/nanny/housekeeper they are taking advantage! Id leave and take the receptionist job.