How horrible would it be?

So I am quitting my life-in nanny position and I am trying to consider my options on how to go about it. I have no written contract (on of my mistakes that I have learned from) and verbally agreed to working for a year.
It has been 3 months and I absolutely cannot do it. I feel as though I am compromising the child care provider I want to be everyday for these parents and I don't like it. On top of that, getting paid from them has been such a struggle. Last month I technically worked for free because I just now (August 1) got paid for the entire month of June.
I always tell myself, what can I do? I ask and I ask. But I live here and don't have many options.

Well I'm done with it.

Part of me says, girl, give them 2 weeks notice like you would any job. But I can already foresee how that will go since I live here. My hours will extend and the expectations of me will increase for that time. And I highly doubt I'll get paid for it.

So. And this is where I feel like a horrible person.

I'm considering just bailing. Packing up my stuff without them knowing, leaving a letter, and just disappearing. I have no want to use them as a referenece and in my eyes, they have not treated me as an employee from the get-go. But also. I know what position that will put hem in so I do feel bad.
I guess I'm just curious how horrible that is of me to even think of doing that. I try to justify it with, the fact that the MOTHER DOES NOT WORK AND IS HOME ALL DAY so it's not like when they wake up in the morning, the kids will have no one to watch them.
It just feels like a (excuse my language) sh!tty thing to do on my part just on principle. I am very torn.


Aside from the other stuff, in the future do NOT allow ANYONE to owe you money. More than one week is a deal breaker. Tell the person in writing/email/text that you're owed X. And request pay. If they don't pay, perform no more work. Even as a live-in you can refuse to work if you're not paid.

I advise everyone to give notice as it is the professional thing to do. In your case, have your things packed. And notify someone that you're giving notice just in case. The good news is that many families get upset by notice. And they may fire you on the spot. So give notice on your payday.

Make sure you get paid first. They could be taking advantage. So I would make sure you're stable in financial terms and housing wise then leave with notice.

I'm sorry but unless they're causing you harm, I never support a no notice resignation. It's unprofessional and I definitely believe in karma. Do unto others and all that.

You certainly should not have let an entire payday pass without speaking up, if my direct deposit didn't show up on Friday I'm emailing, calling, and not showing up until it does. You have to find it in yourself to self advocate and get what you're owed. They don't sound like great employers but you also don't want to sink to their level. Give them two weeks, and while giving notice remind them of your hours and duties, you'll be doing nothing beyond those hours or those items. You expect to be paid cash or direct deposit on your last day, so they can't cancel a check (happened to me before).

Definitely get a contract next time, because when pay day passes you send a reminder and quote from your contract. Good luck, but I encourage you to give proper notice and do the right thing.

Pretty bad.

I'd write out a letter detailing your hours worked, what you are owed.

give 2 weeks notice. In writing.
Prepare for small claims court.

First off, they need to pay you for July Now! Call a meeting. Be sure to deduct your room and board or what you agreed to, when hired. No pay is a deal breaker for me. Meanwhile, get looking for another job, and a place to live In Advance! Roommate service, a sleeping room with kitchen privileges? I do not work for free and Never Live In. If you were homeless, then I understand, maybe they took advantage of you? Maybe they felt that you were gullible and they could use you for child care while they gave you a place to live? We do not know this answer, only you. What is their Reason for not Paying and why did they Pay June, late, now? They owed you for 60 days, not 30 days! I get nervous if dad is off one day and doesn't work or mom says I'm paying you early this week, instead of next week, then she didn't pay me today on Friday. Our agreement was Pay Day every two weeks. So, she will now owe for two weeks next Friday, even that makes me Nervous! No way would I work for a month with No Pay. Do you have family there? Tell them in your meeting that You need the money for your Personal Bills and need them to Catch Up the pay. If they refuse or just ignore your request, start looking for a place to live NOW. Once you find a place to live, look for a Replacement Job Now, just start looking! If they refuse to pay you in 30 days or catch up with July's salary, then move out and tell them You will see them In Court. Please keep us updated. They could change the locks.
miss pat