How horrible would it be?

So I am quitting my life-in nanny position and I am trying to consider my options on how to go about it. I have no written contract (on of my mistakes that I have learned from) and verbally agreed to working for a year.
It has been 3 months and I absolutely cannot do it. I feel as though I am compromising the child care provider I want to be everyday for these parents and I don't like it. On top of that, getting paid from them has been such a struggle. Last month I technically worked for free because I just now (August 1) got paid for the entire month of June.
I always tell myself, what can I do? I ask and I ask. But I live here and don't have many options.

Well I'm done with it.

Part of me says, girl, give them 2 weeks notice like you would any job. But I can already foresee how that will go since I live here. My hours will extend and the expectations of me will increase for that time. And I highly doubt I'll get paid for it.

So. And this is where I feel like a horrible person.

I'm considering just bailing. Packing up my stuff without them knowing, leaving a letter, and just disappearing. I have no want to use them as a referenece and in my eyes, they have not treated me as an employee from the get-go. But also. I know what position that will put hem in so I do feel bad.
I guess I'm just curious how horrible that is of me to even think of doing that. I try to justify it with, the fact that the MOTHER DOES NOT WORK AND IS HOME ALL DAY so it's not like when they wake up in the morning, the kids will have no one to watch them.
It just feels like a (excuse my language) sh!tty thing to do on my part just on principle. I am very torn.


If they treat you as horribly as you say, then I would give them my two weeks notice, with the condition that you are paid upfront. They should understand since they don't pay you on time anyway. Also, I would make it clear that you will work your regular schedule for those two weeks and nothing more. If they don't agree, then you have nothing to feel guilty about; pack up your things and leave. It sounds like you already have somewhere else to go. I might move some things that you don't need on a daily basis, just in case things don't go well and you need to leave quickly. If mom doesn't work, they will be fine until they find someone else. Good luck!