When a child won't go into time out

I've nannyed for two different families and it's happened both times, the child will not move to the time out spot/ their bedroom when I ask them to. And I can't physically pick them up and move them... what do I do if a child needs a time out, but won't physically move there?


I have taken my 3 y.o by the hand to the time out spot, stairs leading downstairs for him to sit on and close the baby gate behind him. Give them a chore to do for the length of time. Take something away, sit on couch doing nothing.

YES you can physically put them there! And any parent that tells you otherwise you do not want to work for. You are the adult and timeout is not a negotiation! I work for work from parents and on MANY occasions I pick up the toddler and place in timeout. If she moves, she gets put in her room and locked in. Also, don't ASK them to go in timeout. TELL them. Good luck!

Sorry you're dealing with that, but I do physically put children in time out. Whether it's a corner, a chair, or the bottom step of the stairs and I wordlessly put them back until time out is done. Read up on Super Nanny's method, it's been amazing in my families.

Me too. My nks are still small. But I would walk them over to time out. If they thrash around, the consequences escalate. From simple time out to time out in their room to loss of privilege. To loss of favorite toy etc

Depending on the age of the child ...

If the child is small enough to be picked up or will be lead ... then yes, physically put them in a time out.

If the child is bigger / throws themselves on the ground / kicking and throwing arms around ... then I would remove yourself from the child ... ignoring the child will be punishment enough.