Caring for 7 kids??

I am a nanny for 3 kids. Have been for the past 2 years. I do EVERYTHING for this family. I mean that. Rub every errand. Schedule appointment. Take kids to appointments. Do groceries. Clean the house. Do laundry. The parents put their laundry into the kids laundry sometimes so I'm forced to do their laundry. Then they say they don't expect me to do it. They always schedule play dates and don't tell me until I'm picking up the kids from school and another kid is coming along. I haven't gotten a raise once. I asked for a raise 4 months ago and was denied one. I started this job with 45 hours a week. Then the mom got a new job and my hours were cut to only 35 hours. Then 28 hours. So that's why I asked for a raise, also since I felt like I was doing more than my job entailed and I had been here for over a year. I mean, I was even cleaning up after the dog.

Anyway, 3 days ago they had me taking care of their kids and 3 of their friends kids-so 6 kids in total. I grew tired of being taken advantage of and I told them I was charging them double my rate. She seemed taken aback but agreed to pay me it. Now today the same thing is happening, except I only found out because the kids told me, not her. And on top of that, an extra kid is coming for a "play date" and sleeping over. I am just very tired of always having an extra kid on top of the 3 I already take care of. 4 if you count the dog that I am always having to be following around because he throw up all the time and is constantly scaring the neighbors with his barking.

I love this family and the kids to death it's just sometimes I feel very taken advantage of.

Sorry for the rant. I am just very frustrated.


I would not do All this work for 28 hours per week! You sound like a House Manager; chauffeur, maid, laundress, shopper, and nanny rolled into one. I would start charging them $25.00 per hour or more. Google what House Managers get paid in your city. No way does a family cut my hours and gets away with it and No Raise! You are now a nanny for 5 kids a couple of times per week, plus all the house work. The mom is lousy for dumping all this on you and Not Paying You??? Who does this. Please speak up and get a RAISE OR QUIT! misspat

If you really don't want the extra kids tell them you won't do it.

A play date is one thing - that's an extra child for a limited time 3-4 hours at most. You shouldn't charge extra for that but it should be reciprocated.

As for all the extra kids all day I would tell them to hire an extra sitter.

No body is saddling me with an extra child to be responsible for without paying me. A PARENT can allow a play date on their own time, and reciprocate to that parent. A nanny is a paid employee and when duties are increased for an employee pay is also increased. Definitely say no if they don't offer you extra pay.

We can agree to disagree. A play date is good for kids. If I've got the kids 60 hours a week I'm going to host play dates.

For younger kids obviously a short play date. I used to do 2 hours max with little ones. We would do a craft, have a snack, they'd have some "unstructured" play time together and then we would finish with a board game together.

I think it's part of my job to ensure my kids learn social skills and part of that is learning g how to be a good host and how to take turns and play well with others.

Now that the kids are much older I'll take kids with us all day no problem. It's fun.

I'm happy to help parents ( my bosses or my NKs friends parents) out on snow days, half days etc. so long as the kids are well behaved it's not a problem for me.

It's up to me to say yes or no. My boss is very happy to have me help. So many people watched his kids while his wife was dying.

What goes around comes around.

If I had a boss that expected me to watch other people's children all the time and I couldn't say no that would be a problem. But that's never been the case with any family I've been with. I address that in my interview.

I think it's all in how old the kids are and what nf expectations are. I can teach social skills hosting just as well with another adult on the playdate. For me, extra kids mean extra pay. Because my nks are little. So I'm not dealing with another baby/toddler without his grown up there.

If my kids were 10 or older, maybe. But even then no more than an hour

I don't charge for play dates either. I think that is a personal choice. I actually like them because it keeps the kids occupied effortlessly for 2-3 hours. plus the parent's and I usually take turns so they have my kids for a couple of hours/week too. Sometimes the parent's stay and I can also have adult interaction which is great. I don't mind not getting paid extra for playdates but some nannies feel differently. If a child is spending the night I would definitely charge. You're babysitting at that point if it's longer than a couple of hours and/or you're expected to make them food, put them to bed, and cart them around. I have had my NK's cousin come over during my normal working hours when the family needed a sitter for a day. She was here for 5 hours BUT I got paid extra.

what is the pay? I definitely would not do it anymore- bet you can find another job!! someone is always looking for good nannies where I Live