taxes or school

I'm a 60 something nanny for a great family that from the start set up a contract to pay taxes. Twice this year they wanted to go cash cause of the amount of taxes they pay. I was not going to take that on myself. I watch a 3 y.o and 2 y.o. The older brother is in pre school 1/2 day while I watch baby brother. Mom told me this week that they got a sibling discount and both will be going full time!! Tho she told me she could not afford me and school, as grandma helped her last session. The school offers only 5% discount for sibling, not much. So I'm thinking its the taxes they don't want to pay, and not being truthful with me. Your thoughts.

Plus I am thinking of going with older kids. So please give me the long term on the difference of toddler to grammar school kids. What your experience is.


I had a family tell me they couldn't afford to pay me a $2 per hour increase for the hours an older child was around during summer vacation. Turns out after school care was costing them $100/wk. They could have had me pick her up and keep her for 3/hrs a day for less than that, plus to argue they didn't have the money for me to care for her for summer was total bull. The increase to me ended up being less than $75 a week. They lied and it sucked. I think this family is lying to you as well because whether they paid taxes on your income or not the money still would have come out of their account, just directly to yours versus to the government. They probably were having trouble affording an accountant or whatever tax program they're using. It's just them being picky, and they probably decided school was less hassle than a household employee.

I don't much like caring for older children because their attitudes are more set in stone and behavior problems are bigger and harder for me to handle. I can dissect why a toddler takes a toy from a sibling, can't wrap my head around why a 7yo would pick up their 5yo sibling just to drop them on purpose. Plus you have to be even more on the same page with parents and it's just easier to self manage with younger children in my experience. I tend to go for the youngest I can so jobs last a while, so infants. But age groups are all about your skills and preferences. I am not very good at dealing with back talk and willful disobedience. Toddlers just test boundaries and rules are simple.

Thanks for replying. I did learn that its not the taxes they can't afford, its that last semester her parents paid for 1/2 day 3 days a week preschool. Now parents are not paying. So mom told me with the sibling discount its a little less than child care and preschool. So the boys will be going full day every day. I think the 2 y.o is to young, but its not my fight or business.

Do I have experience with older kids, yes, my own. ! But its hard to remember back then!!! I do agree with you about the kids attitudes, so I will stick with small people!!

Do you have any experiences working with grade school kids? If not maybe to a bit of babysitting before deciding to switch because there's definitely a difference.
For starters if the kids are in school your job would likely only be before and after school which probably wouldn't equal to full time. You'd be helping with homework, driving to after school activities. More of a supervising roll. Babies and toddlers need to be held, fed, changed, bathed ect. Where as older kids may need a bit of help but are much more independent. As a nanny I've always worked with babies and toddlers which is what I enjoy most. However I did work at an aftersvhool care program with older kids and enjoyed it more than I expected! They're able to do a lot more but they can also become difficult behavior wise at this age. Overall I'd say older kids are less work but younger children are more fun. I bet there's even jobs out there for kids 12+ where you'd do lots of driving and maybe housework/cooking for family. House manager roll so that's something you could definitely look into as well!

The taxes they pay for you are minimal...their child care tax credit would have covered that and more. I'm a 60 plus nanny as well and I love taking care of babies/toddlers.

Your post is two-fold. If they paid two tax payments for you; January and April of 2017, then you will have to pick up the next estimated tax payment in September, and January 2018. Did your tax man give you the tax payment vouchers? The IRS now has you on radar if you have been paying quarterly and filing yearly. Hopefully you filed in April? I have to keep a savings account, putting money away every month for my quarterly tax payments. You also need to increase your hourly or weekly rate to allow for the extra tax payments you will take on Or ask for cash only.
Secondly, I am close to your age and I need the tax proof for my future retirement money, social security at 65. Most of us do not quit and retire at 67. Sounds like this family just wants to end this nanny/employee relationship, which happens, when kids are 2.5-4 and want both kids in the same place. It happened to me after 4 years with the same kids. I would definitely get a Letter of Recommendation from this family while you are still on Good Terms. For me, toddlers; age 2-4, with their energy and behavioral problems, are too much anymore for me. I just quit a job with two boys this age. I prefer newborns with no siblings. Currently, families want a nanny for newborn and their 2-3 year old older child at home, as daycare is too expensive for two. This is tough, as you are going in two different directions as a nanny, putting baby to sleep, and praying brother isn't into something while you are out of the room! Older school-age kids are fun, can communicate, can learn, play, and you Do Not have to Lift them up on a changing table or potty train them. Drawback is, you work half days while school is in session from August to June, 10 months) or before and after school, then full-time in June, July, August to the 21st. If you can afford it, these are good months, but you only work part-time 10 months of the year. I ask for a minimum
of xx hours paid per week. Some nannies like the break, some need more money. I always ask How Long do you need a nanny? One year, 18 months?, sign a contract? I also ask what do the parents do for a living? The current job I have, I just started, grandparents help pay my salary. The previous job I had, grandma paid me and needed an assistant as boys were 2 and 4, a real handful! Bottom line, I need full-time to allow for my paying taxes and my apartment and expenses. My current new baby is only 10 weeks, and grandma lives here 6 months and then winters in Florida, plus grandma has her friends and tennis and does not want to be locked in the house all day. Finding the right family can take 3 months. I prefer babies, but some nannies like the older kids in school, who are more mature. You just have to work with a school schedule/summer off school schedule. Keep us informed on what you decide. Parents want experienced nannies, so our age is a Plus!
Good luck to you. We have all been here. miss pat

The parents approached me twice this year on going cash, going against contract. But I stuck to my guns to have them pay, as I was not about to set up another savings acct! So it is what it is. Cheaper for them to put 2 boys in school. I have 2 yrs under my belt, and a mother of 3. So I do have experience. So We will just move on and hope to see the boys on date night!!!