Dealing with car seats.

So I drive a 2013 Ford Edge and can comfortably and safely fit 3 car seats in the car. I am a share nanny and watch 2 kids (4,2) m-f and the two (5,2) m/t/th, though a lot of the time I also end up watching them or one of them m-f. So when I have all 4 of them, I drive the second family's Tahoe. This is the part where I wish I knew nothing about car seat safety haha kidding sort of but being so educated on keeping them safe is really making my job difficult. In my car, the 2 year olds are still rear facing and probably will be until 3..? Not sure yet. Anyway, the 4 year old is harnessed in a harnessed booster and the 5 year old is, against my requests, in a no back booster, using the seatbelt. So when it's just the second family's two kids, they have the 2 year old's harness booster in one captains chair and the five year olds booster in the other. They fold the back seats up so they'll have a trunk. When all four kids are with me, it just makes the most sense that the older kids are in the back row because they can buckle themselves, and because there is only one top tether in the back so it only can have one ffing car seat. I've expressed that either one of the two year olds can still be rear facing here or the five year olds booster can go there. They refuse to accept either option. So every morning, I have to fold both seats back down, move E's booster to the back, install A's seat also in the back and then install C's seat in the captains chair. And then each night they do all the work to take everything out and rearrange it all so that their two kids can sit in the second row for the 5 minute drive to the gym and back. It's getting unbelievably frustrating. Especially because they have cheap seats that are so hard to install. Nothing wrong with cheap seats but if I'm going to be installing them every single freaking day, I want to use my nice Britax Clicktight seats! Haha though not ideal, I would be fine not driving all four of them, except I HAVE to to be able to pick up their 5 year old from school! Anyone have a similar issue? How do you deal?? This second family comes with SO many problems for me that it makes it really hard to want to stay. It's a share so the money is good and they're cousins so I don't feel I can quit one family and not the other. I'm just really getting to my wits end.


That's enough for me to quit that family. Have a serious meeting with them about this hassle, either you're finding one family who you can safely transport or they need to be willing to work with you. I had a family ask me to transport a small 6yo without a car seat and I refused. As in they hired me to babysit and drive 3 kids and I left after arrival because I wasn't okay with it. If this family can't make picking the 5yo up easily I'd leave because what a hassle. Not worth it to me.

Cant you put the 4yr olds booster in between the second family's two kids, and just put the 2yr old in the 3rd row forward facing? Traveling with kids is a pain no matter what.

Oh car seats. I got frustrated moving the three car seats from parents car to Nanny's car once a week I can't imagine doing it everyday. It's a lengthy task and takes you away from the kids which should be top propriety. It seems you have a simple solution to this issue maybe you can talk them into doing a trial run with your idea and they'll realize it's not a big deal?

I feel like you had this same issue last year with them ..l or it's on going?

I'd move the seats to the way you like them and let them move them they way they like them. You might be moving them every day but at least it's once a day.

Yeah... it's been like this for the last two years -__-
I cannot put any other child in the 3rd row besides the harnessed three year old and the boostered 5 year old, unless they will allow me to continue to rearface one of the two year olds, which they won't. There is only one top tether in the third row of their car, so only one forward facing car seat can be put back there. We've had several conversations about it and the dad of the two and five year olds who owns the car is very.... arrogant. He just thinks he knows best about everything. He doesn't take car seat safety as seriously as I do, I refuse to drive anyone unsafely, regardless of what they say, hence me always moving the car seats. He's been out of town the last 2 weeks so it's been SUPER nice to not have to worry about the car seats being moved. He comes back tonight and I'm dreading tomorrow. It honestly still baffles me that he'll go through all that work so that his 5 year old - who honestly SHOULD still be harnessed anyway - can sit in a backless booster in the captains chair.

This is only one of the reasons I despise working for them. If I wasn't being paid so well with the share and they weren't cousins that I'd have to see every day anyway, i would have quit two years ago.

I hate that you can't drop the second family but given that they are family I get it.

Have you looked around? Maybe you can find a better position.

Sometimes when something's really bothering me about my current job I look at job postings. Usually I decide I've got a pretty good deal and the issue that was bugging me becomes less important.

I think safety is a deal breaker.

I really think in this instance I'd keep moving everything in the am and not move it back. And just keep saying when the dad gets mad every time " it's not safe" or "I'm following state law" or whatever.
Then he can fire you or change the seats himself or give up.
What to the 3 other parents say?

Chels, I'm downright autocratic when it comes to carseat safety. And have been known to refuse to drive if they don't provide correct seats. I won't risk injury or traffic violation