Has anyone ever gone to nannypalooza? I'm considering going this year but I don't know anyone who is going. It's about a 5 hour drive for me and it's sort of expensive. Trying to decide if it's worth going. It sounds great. Just curious to hear reviews from someone who has been.


I see you post all the time and didn't know you were pregnant, congratulations!! I hope you get through this phase quickly!

Yea. I didn't make an announcement post like I did with my son. Second pregnancy and all it's been insane. I feel like death warmed over most days. Thanks for the congrats!

I haven't been paying attention. Congratulations, I feel like you just had one!! I'm sorry you are sick.
You must be exhausted.

Details please on work and himelife with all this exciting stuff happening.

My son is one and a half. He'll be well over two when this baby is born. It's a complete surprise. I am sick as ever. Apparently, my body is determined to get HG every time I get pregnant. Last time I lost 24 pounds the 1st 7 weeks.

I'm still newly pregnant so haven't told anyone. My NKs start school in OCT. I may sit out the rest of my pregnancy. It's incredibly difficult chasing my son around while this sick. Before, I nannied up to the day of delivery practically but could at least go home and rest each day. Now there's no break. Oy vey

I'm so sorry you've had this both times. How awful.

I hope you get through these months quickly.

I can't believe your son is already a year and a half. Guess it's a case of long days short years here in nanny support group land.

Very very best hopes and wishes you get some relief soon.

Thank you! I'm taking it slow. Luckily there's not much carrying around of any kids. Everyone walks around very well. Including Adam. I just feel horrible all the frakking time!

And it's so hot! Im glad this is my last pregnancy. We are a 2 and done family. Adam's on a preschool list. He starts full time in Feb.

How have you been?

I haven't been sorry. But I also chose nannying on purpose for the solitude :)

Registration opens March 1st
Early Bird Registration $165 (ends May 13th)
Regular Registration $195
at the Doubletree by Hilton Columbia
5485 Twin Knolls Road
Columbia, Maryland

The sessions look really great. Just trying to see if anyone else has ever been. It's expensive and a bit of a drive. Also I don't know anyone going.

This sounds cool! I looked this event up online but the only one I saw was in the U.K. Where is this event held in the U.S?