New nanny needing advice... I think I'm being taken advantage of :(

So I just got my first time full time nanny job. Up until right now I have only ever worked for childcare centers. I am young too, only 19. I took this job on quickly to escape a job with awful pay. This is my second week being the nanny for this family, they have triplet four year old boys who are so much work and so poorly behaved I find myself crying. I make them every meal, and take them places and do great art projects with them everyday. I try so hard to make mom and dad happy.
Well now the family is pressuring me to be the "teacher" too. Do worksheets and such. I found a notepad in the moms room with a list of all things she will be asking me to do now. Their dishes (which are never mine when I'm coming in in the morning) and cleaning up the house.
And all of this sounds TOTALLY reasonable for a nanny to do.
However they are paying me 370 a week for 50 hours a week. That's 7 dollars an hour.
They live in a fancy part of Nashville and the nanny rate there for one child is 13 dollars an hour, and three children is 20+ an hour. I should've done this research before accepting but I was naive and new to this.
I feel so so hurt when I found that list in moms room because I am already being severely underpaid, and now she wants me to do even more?

I am super stressed out. Any advice helps. i am working myself into the ground, triplet four year old boys are truly insane. How do I approach this?
Do I quit? Ask for a raise?
Something needs to change I am so miserable and the pay makes it all seem not worth it.

They even tried to get me to watch the neighbors kid for 140 a week. At this point I just feel like they are using me. They are well off, just bought a new boat and everything. Money is not an issue for them. So why am I being payed so awful?


Families will try to take advantage of you! But you're doing the right thing by researching what everyone makes. I feel like you're being underpaid for sure! Are you paying taxes on top of this? If not redo your math to make sure you're not making more money per hour. I always suggest paying taxes too. Esp if you want to be a career nanny. If you like the job then talk to the family about it & be honest about how you're feeling. Don't stop searching for another job also, try to leave on the best terms possible, working with triples looks great on a resume.

Don't agree to any additional chores without a pay bump. Just say " the children are my first priority, if you want to add more things to my job description we can discuss how much those things would cost"

Get the kids to help you! They should help you make their meals and get out the plates and flatware. They should help take toys out and put toys away. If you have to wipe down the kitchen after meals have the kids help! Even if they do a 4 year old skill level it will keep them busy, teach them responsibility and you'll have a bit less to do.

Personally, I would either ask for a large raise or get out... Because it's so early in your position you have a bit of leverage here. At least you didn't figure this out a year and a half into it, then things get complicated. In this field you must know that most families will ALWAYS try to add on duties, aka take advantage of you. & If you do not have an issue okay great, if you do have an issue then say something. If you don't say anything and it bothers you then they will never know.

I recently left a new nanny position because their son physically attacked me on the second week working with them. Then when I started talking to the parents about it, they said how they forgot to mention in the interview that he had behavioral issues (well that would have been nice knowing that in advance!) Any who, I left because I knew my sanity was worth it haha...

Good luck!!